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  1. She didn't really know what she agreed to until after finding the court documents post garnishment and even then a lot of details were barely remembered. All she knew was her court visit in 2011.
  2. Yes, but we never received a letter itself, so we never had a chance to do so anyways. I still don't get how the Final Judgement bill of the Garnishment doesn't have the full amount including the interest or mentions plus interest. How is that allowed?
  3. Wait, so they did illegally take more! Now, she didn't file a financial statement to my knowledge though. Will that cause issues?
  4. Would you mind explaining what this all means? This was filed in 2017.
  5. We already separated my account from hers. They also didn't take all the money after all. My mom still had some left and my grandmother as well. There's no wage garnishment notice either. It seems that because I had so much money as well as my step-dad, we basically paid them off via the garnishment. They'll still see an attorney with all the documents, but I think we'll just let it slide and get some financial help from family and friends.
  6. Okay, so I read the documents a bit more closely. My mom owed $5k in a credit card bill with the court fees. She agreed to pay $50 every month starting on December 2011. Her last payment was on 2015 and apparently, the agreement she signed said if she doesn't continue paying until the amount due is paid off, they don't have to notify her and can garnish the money when they do. She paid $1.9k so she now owed $3.1k, which is how much the garnish was. The more I read this, the more I see this as a losing battle and I HOPE that whatever attorneys they go to will tell them the same and they won't continue. The only other option I can see would be to see if they could take them to court for damages on me as I earned the money they took on my own and it did not belong to my mother even if her SSN was tied to my account.
  7. But even if it wasn't paid off completely, the amount for garnish shouldn't be the amount they requested in 2011, right? Is this a losing battle, then?
  8. I can't tell if she finished all payments since I can only get about 10 latest payments on there, but her last payment made was in 2015, so they seemed to have done this since the statue was almost up. But even then, since she made some sort of payment even if it wasn't fully completed, the amount we owed should have been less, correct? And what about interest?
  9. Me and my family just had our money garnished by Midland Credit. This is apparently debt from 9 years ago that my mom seemed to have completely paid off, but on their website, I found her payment history and she did give them money for 4 years manually. They re-opened the case apparently in 2017 and had no changes to the filing until February 28th. We received no court summon for this year and the amount owed never changed even though she was actively paying them back for a number of years. The court orders also mention nothing about interest. She owed about $3.1k, but combining everyones amount taken out of the bank accounts, they took more than double of that. We are getting a lawyer next week to help out, but how is this even possible?
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