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  1. Hello! Hope you all are safe and well! Just wanted to give an update. I have retained an attorney who, after listening to the taped call, absolutely freaked out. He told me to refrain from posting too much online but that this is a slam dunk and my evidence and record keeping is every consumer attorneys dream. I’ll update you all as much as I can without compromising anything. Thanks so much for all the support. ☺️
  2. No - calling me upwards of 19 times a day on my cell phone and at work after receiving 4 certified letters asking them to stop. Continuing to try to collect at debt that is not mine after they have been sent copies of police reports, fraud affidavits... everything they have asked for. And so on and so forth... And Harry... sounds good to me! Maybe I’ll go buy a lottery ticket. 😉
  3. I’m meeting with an attorney because trying to fix this myself is obviously not working. And if that comes with some kind of payout - great. Not because I think I deserve it but rather, I think they owe it. Because what they, as a company, are doing is illegal and because what their employee is doing is criminal. You can’t harass people. It’s a crime. And that’s what’s going on here. I’ll keep you all posted. And I apologize if I ruffled any feathers - I didn’t mean to. But hearing “there’s no way that Midland did that” when I know damn good and well they did - and I can back it up 1000% - well, you can see why I felt like I was being called a liar. I’m just glad I did actually tape that call that day because I’ve bluffed a lot with them, said I was going to before and didn’t. But the tone of her voice - something just told me I’d better. And I’m just glad I did.
  4. You know what I’d like out of this? For them to say “ok, we get it. This is not your debt. You’ll never hear from us or anyone about this again. And we will send this to you in writing.” That’s really all I want. I didn’t post this here to see how much money I’d get. This is my first visit to this board. The description on the collections forum says: “all your questions about those nasty collection agencies and what to do with them.” They are nasty. I posted to try to figure out what to do. I didn’t come here threatening to sue them. And I certainly didn’t come here to be called a liar. 😳 I came here for support. And I appreciate those who have been supportive. All I want is for them to go away. That’s it. And maybe for that one woman to lose her job. That would be icing on the cake. But I don’t even care about that because I believe in karma and I’m sure she’s a bitch it her everyday life, so it’ll catch up to her. I’m not worried. Read my first post. I make no mention of money or a lawsuit or even hiring an attorney . I said I want them to be held accountable. That’s all I want. For them to say “We were wrong. We are sorry. You will not hear from us again.” That’s literally ALL I want. I didn’t come here to have to defend myself. 🤨
  5. So now I have an appointment with an attorney on Tuesday. I plan to spend the rest of the weekend getting all of my paperwork in order. Because it’s more than just what she said. It’s all of it. The constant phone calls. Ignoring every letter I’ve sent. Basically tormenting me. I’ll take their money. Gladly. But given the choice of a huge payout for me or shutting them down - which I know would never happen - but given the choice - I’d shut them down. Because I can’t imagine what something like that could do to a person who already felt hopeless and helpless. At the end of the day - this is just a shitty person with a shitty job who feels shitty about herself. I can see that. But the fact that for a split second, she made me feel like ****... and well, that’s just... shitty. 😒
  6. I swear to you, I’m telling the truth. It honestly embarrassed me at first. I don’t know why - I guess it was the fact that a complete stranger would think that I’m nobody and speak to me that way. And then I got pissed!! The more I listened to it, the madder I got. I don’t do Facebook. I’m a pretty private person and drama isn’t really my thing. But I had my brother-in-law look her up to see if she is a real person, using her real name - and yep. She is. Lives in Michigan. Has 11 friends. Looks pretty rough - my idea of a stereotypical debt collector who would just be a really hateful person. Thing is - Midland may be on an upswing - and as a company I agree that they probably wouldn’t condone this. But they are responsible for their employees. And nobody will ever convince me that there aren’t super trashy people working for them. And this woman definitely is.
  7. Yes!! I can look up the account on their website. The number I called was THEIR NUMBER. I don’t know why anyone would think that Midland would be above harassment. They are debt collectors. Are there really any on the up and up??
  8. And if I hadn’t made the call myself - dialed the number MYSELF - I might agree with you. If someone had called ME - I might agree with you! But I called THEM! At the number listed for them on all of this crap they have sent me! The woman was rude AF. She didn’t care at all what she said to me. She was flat out nasty and I was as nice as I could be. I never raised my voice, thanked her very much for the “advice” and told her she’d be hearing from someone soon on my behalf.
  9. And I can prove it. I had a legit credit card for 6 months, never used it, it was stolen, a charge put on it and I caught it, contacted the creditor and they closed it with a $0 balance - and is on my credit report as stolen with a $0 balance. I never got another one - but there WAS another one that someone got with the only difference being the last 3 numbers. It’s not on my credit report by the original creditor and never has been!! But Midland is reporting it!!
  10. I have so much on them. In a single day, they called me 19 times - on my cell phone - after receiving a certified letter asking them to stop calling me. And continue to do so. I’m in the process of printing out all of my phone bills right now. Thanks for all the advice. I sure need it. This is all new to me.
  11. 😂 I know, right? But getting her in trouble is the least I’m hoping for. The whole damn place needs to be shuttered. That’s nearly criminal in my opinion!
  12. So I’ve been dealing with Midland credit for an account that is not mine. I’ve sent them everything they’ve asked for - police reports, fraud affidavits - and yet they still continue to try to collect. I recently received a form letter asking again for me to send them more proof. So I picked up the phone, told the guy in India that I wished to speak to someone in the US. He transferred me to an “account manager” who, when giving her a quick back story - I told her that this account does not belong to me and I just want it to go away - she asked me if I had considered suicide as an option, as this is the only way it’s going to go away. I have this recorded on tape. I told her I was recording her at the beginning of the call. Her response was “sure you are. They all are. That’s what they all say.” I’ve actually since looked this woman up online - I know exactly who she is and where she lives (in Michigan) and now I’m trying to decide exactly how I want to proceed. They are absolutely scum of the earth and I plan to hold them accountable. Do any of you have similar horror stories? I’ve never dealt with anything like this in my life.
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