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  1. I didn’t see the other persons question on my thread. Sorry, and yes, it is very confusing!
  2. I’m on Ohio. Have no assets at all, only my bank account that I receive my ssdi in.
  3. Ok, so last activity on my case was that I was granted a hearing and they moved it to June 3rd due to covid. I periodically get on the municipal court page and check my case docket. Well, yesterday when I signed in, there was a response from my bank. They stated I have “no funds available”. Which is true as all my income is from my ssdi. I’m now wondering if they will cancel my court date or should I request it be cancelled if they don’t? There really isn’t much I can see happening at it since I was just going to show them my income is all ssdi. Anyone have any insight or thoughts?
  4. Got a call at 8:09 this morning telling the judge is postponing all hearings until at least June 1st due to Covid. About time! He has been holding court daily!
  5. They sent the request to the bank almost a week before I got my notification.
  6. I guess this explains why my bank has not put a hold on my account, as they see the only deposits come from the Department of Social Security.
  7. Does Crown have to send a lawyer to this hearing or will it only be the judge and I? Can the lawyer request it be cancelled if they accept that I only receive ssdi or because of the current pandemic stuff? I’m still surprised my city is holding court to be honest. Everywhere around me has cancelled everything but arraignments.
  8. Thank you, It completely slipped my mind that my info was on the paper! I have never said I did not owe the debt, and the judge has been notified by me via my answers that I am on SSDI. I only requested this hearing because I thought they were saying they were going to garnish my account that only has my ssdi. Does the bank tell them who is depositing into my account? Is that how they know it’s coming from the dept of social security? What is going to happen at this hearing? Should I withdraw my request for it?
  9. Right?! I called to double check and she said the judge is still holding court every morning at 8am.
  10. Right?! I called to double check and she said the judge is still holding court every morning at 8am.
  11. Thank you! The term collection proof does seem to make more sense. So what exactly will this hearing entail? I have attached the documents. A hearing has been set for April 2, 8am. Did I not have to request a hearing? I thought I did to say I did not agree with the garnishment.
  12. Hello, I have been dealing with collections for a few years now. I am disabled, on SSDI for over 2 years. I have had creditors sue me, but I have responded to them all with letters stating I am on SSDI and own nothing. A couple dropped their cases but two others got judgements against me. One stopped at the judgement and has not done anything else. Crown Asset Management Llc in Ohio has now filed for garnishment. I received a form stating this and that I could request a hearing of I don’t agree. Well, I requested a hearing on the grounds that my only income is from SSDI. The d