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  1. Ok I’m wrong! There is only H&H listed as attorneys representing their client Capital One. Not portfolio recovery at all. I thought I saw that originally but must’ve been another post? @RyanEX @BV80 thanks all! I will post a copy soon
  2. @RyanEX the letter of intent says Hunt Henriques is filing suit for client Capital One Bank (USA),NA in the first letter they do list Portfolio recovery. After that they only mention capital one. Thank you much!
  3. I read they are both - JDB and lawyer’s collecting on behalf of OC’s. In my case they say they are collecting for capital one. Thanks!
  4. @RyanEX it is Hunt Henriques. And the credit card is Capital one. Great details. Very interesting and informative.
  5. @Casper thanks for responding! do you mean the county where I live? Am I correct? If so yes I’ve checked. Nothing so far. Is there a 90 day period they have to wait after filing “intent to file suit” letter?
  6. @Clydesmom thank you for the response. I’m sitting very tight. It’s been hard on everybody including the economy! I’m spending my time wisely. I hope I’m checking correctly. Is it the California courts, judicial branch? Do I check the calendar with my last name?
  7. I don’t think anything has been filed as I’m searching the site. Could anyone confirm I’m looking in the right court website. Thanks in advance
  8. @RyanEX this is good news and I’m under the impression that capital one has no arbitration as of 2012. Another member spoke of there being a possibility of arbitration after but I’m looking in to that. Will they try to serve me since I sent a DVletter? Also are there any immediate steps I could take to better myself at this point? Thanks for answering
  9. Wow! That’s not good! BK? Please explain @Casper. Thanks for answering! They haven’t tried to serve me. It’s been about 3weeks since the @letter of intent .” do you think I should wait to respond? Just unsure how to respond.
  10. I’m confused on how to proceed after reading so many bad story’s about Hunt &Henriques... I’m new so please bare with me. lol sent my DV letter and they responded with a year worth of payment info. Next they send letter of intent to file suit. If I could set up an honest payment to them or make an offer I would! I just keep hearing that will just be my admission of ownership. After finding there is no arbitration as of 2009 for cap 1 I’m confused how to negotiate otherwise. Do I make an offer? Do I stand my ground because they’re crooked?? Are these guys really that bad? Lol any help would mean I sleep tonight! Jk but really would help 😬
  11. Will do @BV80. Thanks! I’m a sponge for this stuff! Just want to soak it in correctly. I will read everything and try to locate Cali threads. Just wondering?!? Would covid19 slow this process? How would this affect being served or filing things?
  12. @BV80 thanks so much for your response. I’m reading now! Please excuse my limited knowledge on this type of thing. You spoke of”limited civil court.” Could you t explain to me the difference? Also CCp96 & 98. Does this apply to my situation? Thanks in advance!!
  13. Thanks so much @BackFromTheDebt. When you say easier? How is that? I’ve been reading other post a lot. I see several different outcomes. I live about an 1-1/2 from the court they use. Should I wait until they send or serve paperwork? I would have already called HH but I’ve seen negative things surrounding their processes. I just want to pay my debt with no funny stuff. How do I find threads from Cali? I really appreciate every bit of help! Thanks Again!
  14. As a matter of fact @BackFromTheDebt I am located in California. So at this point are there options for me to pursue? I want to take care of this just not sure how to proceed. I’ve read so many things and hear bad things about H&H. Is this true or can i get a reasonable response from them. Thank you much!
  15. I believe it was after 2012. Thank you for responding @BackFromTheDebt would you have any thoughts on the situation from here forth?