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  1. @HelpMepls I went to file response and you can’t enter the clerks office to do anything. They had a self help area to stamp your response with a machine and you fill and file cover letter and submit to the box they had set up. No payment made but they may ask later? It was fast and easy though.
  2. @WhoCares1000 @admin I just posted my answer and am wanting to file today. Does anything look incorrect? Sorry for the millionth question. 🙏🏼 And thanks
  3. @HelpMepls lol I know! I haven’t gone yet, most likely tomorrow. I’ll post the results 😀
  4. @WhoCares1000 @admin here’s the answer I wrote would you see if it looks good. Thanks y’all
  5. Hi! @WhoCares1000 thanks again! so when I file the affidavit of service, does my wife or separate person fill this out and file separately at the courthouse? Or can I bring everything at once to get signed? Or how does this work?
  6. Hi @adminI don’t know if you’re getting my messages but I did post the summons on this post. I don’t know if you can see it but I can. Did I not post it correctly?
  7. @admin hi, the summons is posted right above this post. Just scroll up to see. It’s redacted with black marker. Thanks
  8. Also proof of service? Can my wife fill this out so it’s a different person? @admin @WhoCares1000
  9. @admin @WhoCares1000 Hi! I’m filing out the response and do I check box 3b. And do I explore in words what I deny? How do I explain what is false? And do I check boxes 2,5,6 or do I leave blank. I can post if I need to. Thanks y’all
  10. Ok here’s the summons @admin
  11. @admin I posted the summons right here on this page. Thanks for your help
  12. @WhoCares1000 @admin so from what I hear I file two copies? One to h&h and one to the courts. Is this correct? Do I go to the courthouse? I have the forms you posted, the PLD-010 right? Do I say anything else besides “accord and satisfaction?” Thanks for your help everyone. 🙏🏼
  13. @admin thanks for all you’ve helped me with! I have sent payment to h&h via priority mail with delivery confirmation. I now need to respond to the summons but am unsure which form to use. Do I inform the court that payment has been made and dismiss? Or acknowledgment of satisfaction of judgment? How does that work? I know I need to get forms but just don’t want get the wrong ones. Thanks In advance
  14. @WhoCares1000 isn’t priority mail with delivery confirmation good enough?