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  1. I really don't know,I'll just have to see what I can get. I've heard about first time homebuyer programs,but they usually require a score of 640.
  2. They were all basically credit cards that I ended up in the proverbial quicksand by being late on a payment...then the penalties and interest ate the rest up and so on. Most of these debts were just written off a year or 2 ago so I've got awhile to go...
  3. No credit cards left in good standing...and btw Capital 1 is one of them. And I can't afford a big down payment either. SOL I know.
  4. Yes very much so...I'm looking at trying to get a mortgage and also a possible vehicle purchase in the near future.
  5. I have about maybe $3000 of credit in collections currently...my score is around 540. My goal is to get back up to at least 640 again. The only open account I have is my auto loan. I've been getting some settlement letters from former creditors,however I'm only in a place financially right now for smaller payments rather than lump sums. One of the settlement letters stated that even if I make smaller payments it would not count on my credit score...so,do I try for a consolidation loan or what?