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  1. I recently ran the SSN trace report on Experian and it came back with another individual (multiple aliases) as well as multiple addresses that were attached to my SSN. But actual credit report is fine. There are no discrepancies in regards to accounts, inquires or anything else found on my credit report. Though any time I try to apply for credit or a loan I’m denied or given a high interest rate because when my social is ran it links to that same individual that is either using my SSN or has the same social as me. I’ve talked to Experian, SSA, and FTC but nobody can tell me how to remove this
  2. I’ve reviewed my credit reports and it only has my information. All I can think of is that when my credit is ran that someone it’s attaching to that other individual
  3. I’ve been trying to apply for loans/credit and I’m either getting denied or only offered very high interest rates. I also recently tried setting up my utilities with the local company and they said I owed a $200 deposit so I had my wife put it in her name and she didn’t have to pay a deposit. The person working at the utility company told me that when she ran my SSN and that it was linked to another person. I’m thinking that is the reason I’m having problems every time my credit is ran since my credit score is 799. I’ve applied for loans/credit in the past and didn’t have problems until the pa