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  1. @Clydesmom to be clear, I have removed myself from the few cards that are maxed out and kept myself on as an AU on ONLY the cards that have $0 on them AND the relative lives me. So I ask again, these then do work in my favor, right?
  2. You are 100% correct and know what your talking about! Well done my friend.
  3. FICO figured this tactic out years ago. Now unless the relative lives with you this does not work to improve a FICO score. @Clydesmom I just reread what you wrote. The relative DOES live with me. So the AU accounts would help me then?
  4. Ok, as soon as the AU accounts drop, I'm going to go for Cap1 and Discover! As long as it's not a hard pull. Thanks my friend!! Are you 100% these cards are not hard pulls?
  5. Thank you so much for responding. Today I removed myself as AU on the maxed out credit cards. I fired the CRO a month ago to take my credit into my own hands. I'm not going for a mortgage until Q4 of this year or this time next year so I have time. The balance on the card with perfect payment history is $0. Do you think GW's (Saturation Method) would work? Can I realistically get a Capital One or any of the other cards you recommended with my scores?
  6. Please help.....How can I possibly increase my FICO's? Hello all, I need help. I'm frustrated and losing hope. I had perfect credit my whole life but my family hit a catastrophic financial situation several years ago with me getting very sick and out of work, my wife losing her job, and our firstborn arrived increasing our lifestyle expenses. Experian = 615 Equifax = 658 TU = Unknown Inovus = Unknown I have the following on my reports: Credit One CC account with perfect payment history for 26 months in my name solely HELOC with perfect payment history as a joint user 3 CC accounts with perfect payment history for several years BUT as an authorized use I am in Florida and understand the SOL is 4 years. Derogs: CC1: DOFD = 4/19 and paid via settlement. CC2: DOFD = 11/16 and paid via settlement. CC3: DOFD = 2/16 and paid via settlement. CC4: DOFD = 2/16 and paid via settlement. 1 CC that I never settled with has an outstanding balance of almost 17k. Charge off started 2/16 and I understand it is outside SOL (in Florida) 2 of the 4 settlements, I paid because I was served with lawsuits on. The other 2 a CRO advised me to pay them as he stated he could get those removed after I do so but he never was able to get them removed. I fired him. We own our current residence but need to move soon to get in a better school district and hence need a loan. I've been working as much as I can to help this CRO (which came referred to me by a creditable individual) to improve my scores. I hired the CRO in 2/2019, I decided to do so because I truly do not have time nor knowledge to repair my credit myself and wanted to give it a shot to see how it would, so I did. Here we are exactly 1 year later and my scores barely improved to 615 which is about a 15 point increase since I hired the CRO. Since increasing the balances on 2 of the cards to have a high utilization now, my scores have dropped to 580. I'm not worried about this because I will have everything paid off in 1 to 2 months from now. I have removed myself as AU user so these should improve. I'm just spent and exhausted with this all. I'm really upset because I was faithful in being responsible and paying my financial debts all my life, but life happens. Our family hit a financially catastrophic event, avoided filing BK like SO many of my friends and family did because I wanted to do "the right thing", settled 4 cc's by paying thousands, hired a CRO, piggybacking off a family members perfect credit BUT YET MY SCORE IS STILL NOT MOVING! Ugh, I'm so sick and saddened from all this. Looking back, I'm thinking filing BK was the better play here. I would have had great scores, saved myself 20k in paid settlements, and been lendable for a mortgage. They seriously need to revamp these antiquated scoring models. It's like there are only 2 options for scoring people.........perfection or total garbage.