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  1. Thanks for the response. They just dismissed the case and no ruling in regards to actually owning the debt. So that's what I was thinking in regards to having it removed, and looks like we may just end up waiting another 3 years for it to fall off. But if there was a way to get it off with the dismissal, I wanted to at least ask here and get opinions. We did get an email from the bank's lawyer just a few days ago stating they want to talk to us again, which made us start questioning the statute of limitations and how that works. We didn't wanna start talking to them again an
  2. All right so here's the details, and just curious on my options now. My wife was sued by a bank for a card we failed to keep current after a rough patch of time we went through. After a few resets of the 1st initial court dates being pushed out, she was ordered to go to mediation with the other party to see if a settlement could be reached. My Wife kept getting the run around from the bank's lawyers as she tried to schedule mediation, as they just wanted to handle a settlement themselves without mediation. So after a few months of not getting them to answer my wife's proposal or even co