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  1. Hello, I just finished reading through the 2015 settlement agreement between the AGNY/BCFP and the credit bureaus. Agreement Fully Executed 3.8.15.pdf That truly seems to be a breakthrough in credit reporting and credit repair. However, I'm curious to know if this settlement has actually changed the credit reporting industry. Also: This seems to only relate to NYers. Did non-New Yorkers benefit from this as well? Can they use this settlement to their advantage? Did the credit bureaus honor this settlement? Do they now send supporting documents provided by consumers with disputes via e-Oscar? And if so, do creditors bother to read them at all? Or, despite this settlement, are the credit bureaus and creditors still basically the same? Perhaps, outside of New York, they're acting as if this settlement never happened? As in, auto-rejecting disputes the majority of the time via e-Oscar? (Unless legally required not to.) Would love to hear from the legal experts out there. What are your thoughts?
  2. Hello, Let's say you have an aged credit account (eg 10 year old credit card) on your credit report. But it has a few negative items here and there. eg 30 days late (2007) 60 days late (2015) But other than that it's all OK. Can you get just the negative items removed ? So you still benefit from the age of the account? Or do you have to get the whole account removed? So that you can delete the negatives items. Hope that makes sense. Thank you friends