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  1. **UPDATE** Filed MTC Private Contractual Arbitration according to the agreement and the Plaintiff filed an objection to my motion. I am not sure how this will play out now. I can't see their objection in my electronic court system here.
  2. Also, it appears that they left no space for me to answer or even put in that I am electing arbitration. Do i need to retype everything on a separate form? I looked around and could not find an answer for that. Thanks.
  3. Thanks and I understand, makes sense. I am going to dig my heels in over the next few days.
  4. Can you share a motion to compeL arbitration template that I can use and electronically file and then the next steps on how to start the process and finally the correct answers for the interogs as I will now go the arbitration route? Thanks, everyone has been very helpful.
  5. Thanks. I am actually being sued in RI not FL, believe it or not, summer home vs winter. I am not sure how to handle Velocity. What would your suggestions be?
  6. Yes the 2015 agreement that coincides with their claim does afford arbitration. I am not sure how to answer these 26 questions, many of them very generic as they have not provided questions as to a specific account number, or included any paperwork since the inception of this. I don’t want to piss off the judge by robo answering these questions. Thank you.
  7. Would it be smart to answer and elect arbitration? I am not sure how to answer
  8. Also, the have not provide one single supporting document, from the time I was served, to now that included any bill, bill of sale, signed agreement or anything. Almost like they are hoping I wouldn’t have answered the summons and they would win by default. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. **Update** Did recieve copy from law firm in the mail after speaking with them. Still have 2 weeks to answer so that’s not a problem but I am not sure how to answer. These interrogatories are very generic with nothing specific such as account number or alleged debt owed. Would it be best to provide their questions here for guidance? They are appearing to be very very sloppy. Thanks.
  10. Thank you. Do you know the type of form or template wording I need to use to file w the court to let them know I never received the interrogatories from the Plaintiff?
  11. Would anyone know if I should contact the law firm and ask for the interrogatories or file some sort of motion with the court?