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  1. HEADER ( Account number, Current account owner, reference number, total due) Our Client has authorized us to accept 20% of your balance or $152.41 to satisfy the account, (Saving you $609.62). If you satisfy this account, LVNV FUNDING, INC. will remove it entirely from your credit bureau report! LETTER BODY: Dear "Debt Defaulter" This offer has been authorized by our client LVNV FUNDING, LLC. Please respond by 6/5/20 to take advantage of this offer. We are not obligated to renew this offer. The rest of the letter is just office contact information and the standard communication from a debt collector stuff.
  2. Greeting all! Opinions requested... I have received what appears to be an unsolicited payment settlement offer from a collector named Tate and Kirlin. They claim to be collecting for LVNV Funding on an old Credit One account that I did default on 3 years ago. They are offering to settle for 20% of the total claimed due and state that if I pay, LVNV will delete the trade line.. For $152.41 I am temped to take the offer. Even though NC statute of limitations has run, removing this trade line would be welcome since I am planning a home purchase in 12 to 18 months. Here is my question: Does anyone here have any experience with this kind of offer? Does it sound legit? Would accepting this offer reset the clock? Has anyone here had one of these offers that was the real deal? Opine one and all, please!