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  1. Hell, they're just creatures that do that. I had a case when I opened a business sole proprietor and the same company punished me with a fine of 10,000 dollars for a very very murky reason!
  2. Thanks for sharing it... Those are useful tips I have to take into account next time I take a loan. I have a loan experience. A couple of years ago I took a personal loan for home repairs and I have already paid it off. Now, I want to take another loan, for business purposes. So, the amount of money taken will be bigger and I have to be better informed about the conditions and terms. I found some bondora offers, but I am still analyzing all options. Anyway, I will look through the article you shared and I hope I will find it useful.
  3. That shouldn’t be considered as income, in my opinion. You don’t work there or something. It’s just something that you own. And that should be only yours and you don’t need to show it or give explanations for it. That’s the deal with stock markets, like Forex. When you use the Best Forex Trading Platforms, then you don’t need to think about safety. My point is that these platforms are safe (well, most of them) and you needn’t worry about what’s going to happen to them. You just do your trading and don’t think about anything else. It’s better to concentrate on making profits from Forex. Or any