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  1. Hi, thank you! I don’t have my original pamphlet for the cardmember agreement but I did find the cards agreement online in a pdf file. I will print it and create and affidavit to supply in my response.
  2. I read that $5K I found this: South Carolina law offers a list of exemptions for property, including financial accounts (S.C. Code § 15-41-30). South Carolina requires judgment-creditors to leave $5,000 in "liquid assets". "Liquid Assets" includes deposits, securities, notes, drafts, unpaid earnings not otherwise exempt, accrued vacation pay, refunds, prepayments, and other receivables. So, does that mean they can’t touch my account? I never keep that much, money in and straight out to pay bills. Can they touch my thrust savings?
  3. Right, I got my summons and now I’m ready to respond after some advice. I’ve read up and want to make sure I’m making the best choices. So, is it best to respond with ‘motion to compel arbitration’? From what I understand Midlands is good for not responding to AAA? I’ve enclosed my questionnaire and an affidavit included from midlands from a legal secretary swearing that the account is mine and providing a partial account number. Is that right?? Why don’t they list the entire number?
  4. Hello Everyone, I recently got a suspicious piece of mail from a mediator regarding a pending court case. I googled the case number to see it was recently filed by an attorney from Clarkson and Hale Law office in Columbia, SC (3hours away) on behalf of Midlands Credit Management regarding a Synchrony account that was charged off 1.5 year ago. The SOL in my state is 3 years. Today a deputy left his card at my door while I was at work. Hoping to catch him I returned the call but he was already gone. The department is closed until Tuesday bc of the holiday. I want to get a jump start on this and be as prepared as possible. I’ve never been in this position. I don’t want to pay Midlands bc the account already reflects poorly on my credit and doing so won’t change anything, but honestly I can’t afford to settle right now. Everything is tight. I have never corresponded with them- not taken one call or sent correspondence. I do own my home and don’t want a judgement. My paycheck cannot be garnished in my state but my bank account probably can be frozen. It will be a freaking nightmare to loose my bank accounts. Here is some info: may 7- summons and conplaint may 11- archived summons s/cc/d may 11- summons and conplaint docs they have paid $80 in court fees so far I’m a bit nervous and I do want to fight it. So far, everything is filed in my county Horry. The amount is maybe close to 3670. Please advise on the beginning steps and timeline. I’m literally researching the law threads that may pertain to a beginner like me. Thank you in advance!!
  5. Hello, I’m in the very beginning stages of being sued by midlands credit management. I received a suspicious piece of mail from a ‘mediator’ referencing a court case number. I searched my name in the county records and found it. May 7- filed summons and complaint. May 11- filed summons and complaint docs may 11- archived summons/sccd/ SO, before I begin this journey what does this mean? I understand it is for real. The debt is mine and I haven’t bothered to deal with them. They have spent about $80 in court fees to file. I have NOT been served anything. How long do they have? Do I need an attorney? I’m not interested in settling bc synchrony isn’t going to be involved (original creditor). If they get a judgement, they cannot garnish my wages but I do think they could freeze my bank accounts which is a PIA. The SOL in my state is 3 years and this debt was charged off over a year ago. Please help me with a starting point. I want to be a few steps ahead in the game. Thank you!!