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  1. Thanks everyone. I gave it my best shot. I appreciate everyone’s input.
  2. Looks like they will only settle for 80% via the atty’s office. Should I contact them directly?
  3. I lease my car- they cannot come for that, right? My only asset is my home and I’m not going anyplace.
  4. Thanks Clydesmom. I appreciate your words. Guess I’ll try calling back and see if they wanna play ball.
  5. What cards DO I have? No arbitration clause and they have what looks like sufficient info to verify the debt. SOL still has 1 year.
  6. Do I contact the attorney’s office and work on getting a settlement prior to the court date? I’m stressed now bc I know I don’t have any defense in court. They already produced documents showing mcm has the account. Do you think my chances are low at getting a 50% settlement? Do you think they would rather go to court and get a judgement for the full amount even if it takes years to collect? I haven’t been in this situation before. Thanks.
  7. The original letter is dated August 30, 21. I replied with a dv and they promptly mailed a packet of 6mos statements-bill of sale-affidavit of sale and certificate of conformity.
  8. Oh great, I just checked the public index and the attorneys office filed a suit today. Now, I have to wait to be served. Should I even bother contacting them now? I have no defense in court tho.
  9. Gosh, thanks. I’m gonna do this tonight. I’ll be back
  10. Thanks guys- its MCM and I’m not trying to request hardship. I just want to settle for a low percentage of the debt. I suppose I can get some numbers together. But I’m not comfortable with going any further say if they want statements. I do understand that this might be a new ‘policy’ and I appreciate the clarification. it’s just odd to me bc I have seen attorneys offer settlements and payment plan options at court prior to the hearing.
  11. This was for a neiman Marcus card from 2016. I didn’t see an Arb clause in the agreement. I feel suspicious about giving them my bill/income info bc why do they care about that? They should just want their own money and talk settlement, right? What if they ask for statements? Seems fishy.
  12. Hi, I received a letter recently from an attorney representing Midlands for a debt they bought from Capital One for $2500. I sent them a dv and they replied with 6mos statements, bill of sale, etc. I have another year before SOL runs out and no arbitration defense. I called them today to discuss a settlement- (I would prefer a lump settlement). However, they advised midlands requires an expense to monthly income ratio and want all my bill and income info. I’m not comfortable doing that even if I lie about the figures. Is this typical? I told her I would see about getting my info and reaching out later. This has to be bs, right? Any advice or personal experiences?
  13. Thank you- I will keep you posted. I sent my answer to the court denying everything. I’ll wait for next action and then mtc arb.
  14. Thanks everyone- you guys are the best! I’m going to file my answer tomorrow. I’m prolly going to file mtc arb right after. I expect a settlement but want it to be 2k if possible. I’m pretty stretched right now. Idk what to expect from them.
  15. So whatever happened? I had clarkson file on me last summer for a synchrony debt. I elected arbitration and sent the demand forms. They dismissed with prejudice. Good luck to you.
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