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  1. UPDATE: Called MCM, the agent negotiated down to about 30% off. I made my final offer at 40% of the balance and they declined and I ended the call.
  2. What is it with PRA and MCM being stingy with lump sum settlements? If Ican just get it down to 50% lump sump with MCM, I'd pay it and avoid this nonsense. Last week, I settled with Chase. I paid $450 on a $5100 debt. I talked to no one to get the deal. They kept sending offers by mail and every offer the price kept going down. In their offer, the $450 would consider the entire balance settled and further collection efforts would stop. Of course I jumped on it to prevent it from going to collections.
  3. I just received 2nd Notice today. Respond by x/x/21. "We are proceeding with an evaluation of your account and are considering forwarding this account to an attorney in your state for possible litigation". Its interesting that this collection account was opened in May, 2019... but waited 2 years to take action.
  4. I have now been through 2 suits and got some experience under my belt. Midland is the last collection showing for just under $5k. I want to take care of this and move on. Problem is they are stingy and wont budge on 10% off. They are intent to sue so not surprised. Do they look you up for active/closed cases before filing? I am well prepared when they do file suit... just curious if they see how the last two cases progressed and dismissed, if that's enough for them to not follow through. I am thinking just wait for the suit to come through, arbitrate, and settle on better terms. Is this the best approach?
  5. Both suits settled. Although this was very stressful, it was a great learning experience. I have one more collection remaining and it is Midland. They haven't filed suit yet, but I am fully expecting it. Thanks!
  6. You are looking for more advice, what outcome are you looking for? To settle and move on, or see arbitration through the end and win?
  7. If there is no legal issue with posting all correspondences between the lawyers and I, I will post everything.
  8. I am at a point now it doesnt matter if PRA is looking. The reason I withheld updates until now is because PRA sued me for two different debts at the same time. In the 2nd case, the judge made a ruling to arbitrate with AAA, today. I will open a separate thread for that. For this 1st case, I ran into so many issues with technical difficulties in filing and combined with the Courts being backed up, its been frustrating. Right now, I have a JAMS case open for this Court case. The issue is that apparantly the Judge did not rule in my favor, ruled for the case to go into "Judicial Arbitration" as they believe the proof of service of the moving papers was insufficient statutory notice. The Court scheduled arbitration hearing review, Rule 4 ADR, 6 months out from the ruling. Not thoroughly reading the Court order, I initiated a JAMS written demand. When JAMS mailed out the notice for fees to be paid, the Plaintiff objected: Jurisdiction Objection. Their argument is that the Judge ruled for case to stay in court because of the proof of service notice issue. My response is that the proof of service is valid. I respond to JAMS: "I believe the issue is that it appears that not enough time has passed between the proof-of-service court filing of 02/08/21 and the Court hearing held on 03/04/21. However, my argument is that enough time has passed because the proof of service was signed/dated 01/15/21 and mailed that same day. The Superior Court experienced heavy delays due to the pandemic which resulted in the Courts processing only e-file submissions. Furthermore, e-file submissions were taking 3-4 weeks for the court to process." JAMS heard both sides and made a decision to move forward with the case. Plaintiff again objects, i respond again. JAMS again decides to move forward and is now demanding filing fees, I paid the $250. Now that JAMS ruled in my favor, what do I do with the Civil case? Do I file an opposition stating my arguments of proof of service issue and that JAMS made a decision in favor? Thanks, I really need all the help I can get.
  9. Yes, it is for this case that is in arbitration. If we dont settle and arbitrator is then selected, is this worth making a claim? In the proof of service it says "a: by personal service... MY NAME, Who accepted service with direct delivery...." However, I don't actually live at that address and it wasn't me who got served. They served a family member. I moved a couple times over time but kept my DMV address at that location. EDIT: Also in their description "MY NAME, Who accepted service with direct delivery....description FEMALE." I'm not female.
  10. Question: In their proof of service, it says they served me specifically, but it was a family member that was served. is this a FDCPA claim?
  11. Also want to add that there are some unique circumstances to my case and if I talk about it, they will instantly identify my identity.
  12. True, but what percentage of cases actually make it into Arb? I would expect it is low enough that they can easily identify posters given the poster is giving accurate information such as location, amount sued, firm suing you, etc.
  13. If anyone is wondering, I will update this at the conclusion. I'm dying to update this thread but it is naive to think PRA doesn't frequent these boards.
  14. I had the MTC hearing and it was granted. The case itself, the proceedings was stayed and a new hearing was set for 6 months out for Arbitration case review.
  15. wow, I was thinking to start at 30%. BTW, I tried to offer these guys 50% long ago before the lawsuit and they blew me off. They came back 90% lump sum or payment plan for 100%. So yes, I would love to stick it to them.
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