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  1. Yes this wasnt a final judgment. Sorry late reply been busy with reuqesting for a subpoena
  2. I dont understand why the supreme court can review a circuit courts order but when I tried calling circuit court they said I have to do the filing in district court even thought I told the circuit clerk they wont let me file an appeal.
  3. Yup I got that already. @brotherskeeper been helping me with everything. But I told lawyers that but they seem to not understand. Maybe because they havent had anyone fighting like this? Most of the lawyers are like oh its not a final judgment even though I told them the laws 😤 nobody wants to listen to a pro se here!
  4. I even told the supervisor, I have here in my hand the va law, federal law and the general district manual 2020. But she didnt want to see or hear anything I got to say. Her mind was already made up😔
  5. I also did find some lawyers from the referral service but most of them kept saying that I cant file a non final judgement appeal!😤
  6. Yes I really want complain because she was very mean but I still tried to be nice. Im just not good with this kinds of things. I will try to search who I can complain to
  7. Wow your good. But the judge didnt read my motion at all even before court and during court!
  8. Well the judge said he didnt have the chance to read my motion and he didnt give me a chance at all in court. He sided with the plaintiffs atty. the whole time. I was only there for like 5 mins and he said DENIED even though he didnt read my motion and evidence. But I wish I did speak up more because the atty. was very aggressive. It was my first time doing that so I was nervous.
  9. Cant I sue them for this ?? Im just very upset. I worked so hard with the help of @brotherskeeper and it was all for nothing😔.
  10. Exactly I told her that. And she said no I cant because I talked to a judge already and another person higher than me both said no. She didnt even want to look my at LAW forms but she did before😡
  11. Remember we looked at the income part , I cant join. But I did call legal aid and nobody answered.
  12. I got a call from court of appeals and Ms. Mccoy was busy (she said). She said she cant give me ANY suggestions! She said call legal aid 😔
  13. @Brotherskeeper @WhoCares1000I just called circuit court. And one of the civil clerk said that if it has to be filed at general district you have to do it there!😔
  14. Well I wanted to because I feel like nobody will listen to me but @Brotherskeeper always tries to give me hope.
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