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  1. Why did you dispute the account? Because I wasn't sure if that account was in fact opened by me. I still do not believe it was. It was originally a Synchrony account and at the time I had two others with Synchrony. After requesting my credit report and seeing that I had 3 opened with Synchrony I disputed this one. It had been awhile and I was in the process of moving and simply asked them to prove it. They never did. Do I even have a chance at winning with Portfolio Recovery Associates?
  2. Hi, I received a summons from PRA and responded with a general denial. I also submitted a BOP to them. I then received an objection to the BOP because the "account is stated". I do not have a court date yet and no other correspondence from PRA other than the summons. It states I owe $2,500.00. The account was opened in April 2016 but PRA's statement attached to the summons shows the last payment was made in October 2016. They served me on June 5, 2020. Can I file a SOL? Also, in 2018 I disputed this account with the credit bureaus. My credit report shows this "Completed investigation of FCRA dispute - consumer disagrees". Will this help me in court? I also disputed the account with PRA in 2018, stating I had no knowledge of the account and they would only reply by sending me copies of the statement. Will any of that help me in court? What are my options to win in court? Since there was in fact a payment made.