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  1. Hi, I am currently in IL and trying to improve my credit score (for mortgage and car lease/finance) in a short span. One of the technique that I would like to use (suggested by online experts) is getting a credit builder loan and paying it off by 91.1% almost immediately to boost my scores and the remainder 9% in the next x number of years I have equifax score in 700s but the other 2 TU/EX is in mid to low 600s Navy is not an option for me as I don't have any relatives in the forces. Here is a list that I have consolidated through the research that seems to be the answer (
  2. Hi, I have a single credit card with very low limits and most of the credit reporting agencies and forums are calling it "Not good enough" to improve my credit score. Q1. How can I get a credit card or 2 with minimum impact to my credit history? I am open to other alternatives as well, please suggest how to improve my credit scores Q2. my credit scores are in low 600 range. who do you think will approve my credit application without any issues. Q3. Is there any value in getting a secured CC (for about 200)? with the same bank that I currently have other accounts or should I
  3. Hi, myFico.com is suggesting that one of the items that is hurting my credit score is no recent balances on my revolving account. I have a credit card with low limits that I am keeping to zero by paying it off before the reporting date. Should I continue to do so, or should I leave a small balance to improve my credit scores (related to home and car purchases). Please advise Thanks
  4. Hi, A lender pulled my credit profile for mortgage preapproval. My FICO scores (for Equifax, Transunion & Experian) were significantly different from what I am getting when I go directly to the three credit reporting agencies. Plus, lender told me that mortgage hard inquiry do no impact FICO scores. is that true? Please advise .
  5. Hi, I am planning to buy a property within the next 6 months and at the same time have a necessity for a car. Can't afford buying car using cash only and will have to borrow. I am looking for the option that will least impact my chances to secure a good mortgage rates. Ideally, I would like to lease a new car. Please advise how to minimize impact to my credit worthiness. Thanks
  6. Hi, I have a pending medical collections account that I want to settle. The actual visit to the hospital emergency was in late 2017 and the collections account showed up in my credit report around late 2018. In 2017, I should have qualified for Charity care as my salary was less than 4 x average state pay. Can I still approach the hospital and request to qualify me under charity care? Doing so, they may have to re-bill and call the collections back. Please share your expert's advise. Thanks
  7. I have previously disputed the information directly with the collections agency and with Transunion / Experian. Collections agency provided all details Transunion/Experian verified account to be accurate Its not showing up on Equifax Here is what I have on individual reports (maxed the creditor names and dates) Transunion: Creditor Name: ABC FINANCIAL SERVICES Original Creditor: XYZ MEDICAL CENTER Responsibility: Individual Condition: Derogatory Date Opened: 10/5/2018 Date Reported: 05/25/2020 Remarks: Account information disputed by c
  8. Pending is not the right word. all I am trying to say that my account has gone to the collections agency and I haven't paid it at all Here are the details I have recently moved to the US and currently on a work visa, and I was new to the US health system in August 2017, I took my son to the urgent care for head stitches. they told me that they would charge about $275 and if I go to ER, I will get better services, and they may not even charge me anything So I took my son to the ER. After a few months, ER sent me two invoices, one for 1900 sh (doctor charges) and second
  9. Hi, I have a pending medical collections account that I want to settle (eventually removal from the credit report) to allow me to negotiate better mortgage rates. Q1. I am not good with verbal negotiation. can I write it to the collections agency or ask a relative to negotiate on my behalf? Q2. How much (%) discount should I ask for? Q3. any tips on negotiation Thanks