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  1. Thank you for your responses. Regarding your last point, I just wanted to correct the record for anyone else that may stumble upon this thread... In Michigan, a collection agency CANNOT report the debt once it has been disputed in writing by the debtor. This is due to a michigan statute as mentioned above and the agency also confirmed it when I asked about that...
  2. Strange update.... I called the Debt Collector company to negotiate. They DID acknowledge that the debt was now in disputed status because they received my letter a couple weeks ago. BUT they said that they are "no longer representing the debt and it was returned back to the hospital". They stated that I must now instead just contact the hospital which is so confusing. They also said that they did not report this debt to any of the credit agencies. So now I am very confused about WHY the debt collector would no longer represent the debt? I tried to get it out of them the reason for this, but t
  3. Okay, but I'm now confused... Regarding their first communication, I am not entirely sure if it had a through e but I am confused about: (b) The date the communication was sent to the debtor. What exactly is this referring to?
  4. Thank you to all of you whom have replied! Such incredible insight and case law. Based on what BrothersKeeper stated, am I correct then to assume that once I sent the certified debt validation request, the CA has 5 days to respond to me as it says in the #1 rule? Because if that is the case, 5 days has long passed as I sent the DV request on 6/1 and here we are 6/24 and no response....?
  5. I'm not sure what CMRRR is but I sent it from the US Postal Service Certified Mail Receipt that shows their name/address on it and the date as 6/1/20. The letter I sent requested verification of the debt, but does me sending that letter require them to WAIT before posting any debt to my credit?
  6. 10 months ago my dog was taken into an animal hospital due to low red blood cell count but otherwise completely healthy 11 year old dog. 48 Hours later he was dead. I paid a $1k deposit when first checking into the place and that is all I have paid thus far. The animal hospital never contacted me to collect and I figured it was because they acknowledge some responsibility for the dogs death, which I believe they are atleast somewhat responsible. Regardless, I got a letter from a collection agency demanding the remaining $4k payment. I may or may night hire legal help but I am first wondering s