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  1. I was talk to some attorney yesterday and they all told me to settle with DC (DC don't accept less amount) or BK, not really help. I am looking to vacate the judgement or dissolution or dissolve my case
  2. What is a properly served, I still don't know, all I can recall at that time back in 2007 that someone hand me a court paper told me to go to court, at the court a judge talked with me and Midland lawyer ( through a phone ) and then asked me signed the paper ( I cannot remember the conversation ), The original creditor name and the account really mine, but the amount is not like what I known (the origin debt was in 2002 or 2003).
  3. The summary judgement was in early 2007 , I was not known what to do at that time and now they start wage garnishment.
  4. Is really nothing I can do about my case like to make the judgement disappear or appeal... please help.
  5. Sorry I was not sure to start my own threat, can you tell me more about judgement proof and how to be, please.
  6. I too have a summery judgement, now Mitland had a wage garnishment to my work and sent me its first notice, what should I do ? Please help. I do not know much the law, and I cannot afford an attorney.