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  1. The last payment was back in April of 2019. MCM has included the last statement with their paperwork. I was not able to make the minimum payments every month. I did make several payments a month when possible. Last year was a rough financial time (was actually out of work for awhile). I was guessing to steer clear of the Consulting firms. I was thinking of going for Arbitration. From the threads I've read, that was quite a successful path. Another option would be to file bankruptcy, but I would really not want to take this path if it could helped. From the reading, Arbitration seems the best option to proceed with. I doubt I'd be able to defend against the case, as I wouldn't be able to afford a lawyer, really. I'm guessing the cost of a lawyer would be as much as what I owe. Thanks BH
  2. Hey all, been reading up on some of your threads about being sued by MCM. I am still a bit lost and confused on the whole thing. I got served the papers yesterday, and the court date is August 28th. So at least I have about 2 months to prepare. I know from reading several threads that I should "not" send any communication in to the court at this time as it would/could mean that arbitration is no longer an option, so I must wait until I'm absolutely sure about what's going on. I have been contacted by 4 firms so far. C&C Consulting/Charles Newman, Resolution USA, and Holland Law Group. The first two are not lawyers but are, I suppose, mediators to a degree. HLG has stated: "I'm so certain I can get your case resolved in your favor I offer a guarantee. If you hire us to defend this case, you will pay Midland Funding $0 or we refund 100% fees" Of course, at this time, I don't know what the fees are. According to MCM, I owe them $3921.87 + costs of bringing this action. The original creditor is from Dental First/Comenity. I had been making payments online through their web site until they closed my online account. At which time I was unable to make further payments. I couldn't even send payments from my bank to them. I'm not sure what I need more I need to add, so please point me in the right direction. I really don't want to pay these bottom dwellers any money at all. I'm willing to pay the original creditor, just not to the secondary purchasers. Thanks, BH