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  1. Happy New Year to all!!!! Still waiting on the Respondent to pay. JAMS has contacted several times - the attorney they have on record is no longer with the debt company... JAMS has sent them a notice and several emails. I believe they are getting them because they keep emailing me to settle the debt - so I think they dont want to pay the $1500! So I guess for now I am on a standstill... waiting to see if JAMS closes the case and then I can file the motion to dismiss with prejudice. Any other way to expedite this?
  2. IN THE COUNTY COURT OF THE _______ JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR _________ COUNTY, FLORIDA Plaintiff(s) VS. Case #: Section: Defendant(s) NOTICE OF DISMISSAL The undersigned party/parties to the above-styled suit do hereby show unto the Court as follows: (check one) 1. That the indebtedness sued for has been fully paid and satisfied. 2. That the parties hereto have come to an amicable settlement of the matters involved in this suit. 3. That the plainti
  3. Yes I have it in my computer, when I log in from.tjere I can copy and paste it
  4. I paid the $250.00 filing fee and I just got JAMS 2nd email notice because they have not paid their share of filing fee. JAMS rep asked if I had another form of contact for the JDB (I don't). She just asked me if I could check the Florida Bar to see if they have another contact listed. Should I get this for them if I find it? Or should I wait to see if they dismiss and I will proceed with filing a motion for sanctions with the court. Should I do anything else in the meantime? Also, where can I find info on filing motion for sanction with the court?
  5. Ok, I will absolutely do this! I do think I messed up because I tried to negotiate a settlement (the day before the fees were due) by calling their number and sent them an email but they rejected my offer and countered at a one time payment of $10,000.00!!!!! (the debt is $12,000) So they still haven't paid any fees, I am going to submit mine today... however, JAMS said that arbitration will not commence until all parties have paid their fees, so what If I pay my portion and they do not?? Can I sent he mutual dismissal via mail certified? I believe the email I have is for their c
  6. Hello! Me again... So emailed the JDB after received the JAMS instruction to pay for the $250 by next week to start case (JDB will have to pay $1500) Didn't hear from them... I called them, it's a collection calling center ... Someone called me back, she tried to talk numbers resolve and I told her I would not discuss anything other than the dismissal of case (the one they filed against me and the one I did with arbitration). She said she would not (even though she's not an attorney) because they can't dismiss the case amd the. If we don't reach an agreement, they would have to pay
  7. Ok I sent them email and gave them until Friday to respond/agree or not. I am getting ready to do the dismiss with prejudice, I found this template online, will this work?
  8. I finally got the letter from JAMS. I have to respond by 10/29/2020. I'm going to review the info on @fisthardcheese and see how to proceed. The DJB sent me a letter yesterday saying they want to work with me! Any advice?
  9. Thank you @fisthardcheese I honestly had a mental block - I read thoroughly and have submitted the paperwork to JAMS (triple checked their requirements) along with a cover letter asking them to bill the company for and sent a Certified mail to the attorney as well. Thanks again for your help! even at times reiterating what was already in front of my face... this thing can really take a toll but its also rewarding to advocate for yourself! This is the sample I sent to JAMS as cover letter: September 15, 2020 JAMS RESOLUTION CENTER [ADDRESS]
  10. Ok, will do Thanks again! please dont get tired of hearing it because I am so thankful. This situation has my nerves wrecked. I am completing the form now, what do you suggest I put in the following: MEDIATION IN ADVANCE OF THE ARBITRATION If mediation in advance of the arbitration is desired, please check here and a JAMS Case Manager will assist the parties in coordinating a mediation session. (SHOULD I CHECK YES ON THIS?) NATURE OF DISPUTE / CLAIMS & RELIEF SOUGHT BY CLAIMANT CLAIMANT HEREBY DEMANDS THAT YOU SUBMIT THE FOLLOWING DISPUTE TO FINAL AND BINDING ARBIT
  11. They never answered my email... I received the letter back from the court (the one submitted in the packet, the last page) The judge checked off on the Granted but did NOT state a date - so where it says further, this case shall be stayed pending the outcome of private arbitration This _____ day of ___ 2020 was left blank.... This is the card agreement term: "We will pay our share of the filing, administrative, hearing and Arbiter’s fees. At your request, we will advance your share of these fees if you act in good faith and cannot get a waiver. We will alwa
  12. Goodness I feel like such a moron! and quite honestly, I think I have a mental block with all of this! (I promise I am usually sharp!) but I am so nervous about the next step and what follows that I divert into a kindergartner... Thankful everyday for this forum! I will be completing the form today/tomorrow. Do I have a specific time to file this? or should I file and then reach out to the company? And lastly, any way I can get some major assistance with completing all the questions in the form?
  13. Do I have to submit these fees??? D. Administrative Fees • For two-party matters, the Filing Fee is $1,750. For matters involving three or more parties, the filing fee is $3,000. The entire Filing Fee must be paid in full to expedite the commencement of the proceedings. Thereafter, a Case Management Fee of 12% will be assessed against all Professional Fees, including time spent for hearings, pre- and post-hearing reading and research and award preparation. JAMS also charges a $1,750 filing fee for counterclaims. For matters involving consumers, the consumer is only required to pay $250.
  14. I was reading thru your post, it says: "Go to the website of either AAA or JAMS, depending on which one your card agreement mentions. Find the document titled "Demand for Arbitration". The instructions for filing are at the top of this Demand form. Remember that you are filing for CONSUMER arbitration, so follow the instructions for CONSUMER cases. When filing arbitration, I very strongly recommend filing some claim against the JDB. Remember that when you ask for arbitration and file it, you have now flipped the roles. YOU are the "Claimant" and THEY are the "respondent". Ok, so I w