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  1. I have an email from JAMS where they said case was closed. I haven't received official letter but I have the email. They never paid their JAMS fee, I did but they did not. JAMS sent several emails with the invoice of $1500 but they just ignores, howevee, days after received their invoice from JAMS, they emailed me asking to make a payment... from the same email JAMS was trying to connect with them. Ugh, I hope this All just goes away.... So I'll hold for now... Thanks for the valuable info. Always thankful.
  2. So sorry to be so annoying but this is a step by step as I go... I received another letter, certificate of service notifying me of new counsel. I was never even notified of the previous counsel, as the one that filed was not the one in this paperwork listed as previous... But it is the same email and JAMS did send emails to this address listed. So should I just leave it be or file a motion? The motion to initiate arbitration was granted by court Aug 18th 2020. I understand in Florida a case can be automatically dismissed w prejudice after 1 year? Is that right?...
  3. Thank you so much!!! I don't know what I'd do without all the support from you all ❤️
  4. I got an email from JAMS stating they will do so but never did. I sent her an email formally requesting it. I will work on filing the morning w prejudice. I'm going to look for a template online, Do you have one you can share?
  5. Hello ! Me again! I got this from the junk debt buyers however, the judge had granted me arbitration and they never responded... Is it too late to file the dismissal with prejudice??? Help!!!
  6. I don't care to drag this on for $250 honestly, I just want to get my dismissal with prejudice and be done with them! So anyone have a template on how to do this?....
  7. Ok! I will message her now. Now how do I complete the next step? A petition to dismiss with prejudice? Submit all paperwork from JAMS?...
  8. Hi Friends!!!! The journey is still going... I got an update from JAMS, the JDB still hasn't paid their filing fee of $1,500.00 (I paid the $250.00 a long time ago, like back in Sept. 2020) I keep on following up with the JAMs contact but she just keeps saying that the other party has not paid their filing fee so she can't move forward... Is there anything I can do to get this dismissed? Being that they are not being responsive? Below is the letter I received (she emailed me and the defendant also)...
  9. Happy New Year to all!!!! Still waiting on the Respondent to pay. JAMS has contacted several times - the attorney they have on record is no longer with the debt company... JAMS has sent them a notice and several emails. I believe they are getting them because they keep emailing me to settle the debt - so I think they dont want to pay the $1500! So I guess for now I am on a standstill... waiting to see if JAMS closes the case and then I can file the motion to dismiss with prejudice. Any other way to expedite this?
  10. IN THE COUNTY COURT OF THE _______ JUDICIAL CIRCUIT IN AND FOR _________ COUNTY, FLORIDA Plaintiff(s) VS. Case #: Section: Defendant(s) NOTICE OF DISMISSAL The undersigned party/parties to the above-styled suit do hereby show unto the Court as follows: (check one) 1. That the indebtedness sued for has been fully paid and satisfied. 2. That the parties hereto have come to an amicable settlement of the matters involved in this suit. 3. That the plaintiff desires to withdraw the suit and proceed no further with prosecution thereof. 4. Other: Wherefore, the undersigned party/parties hereby advise the Court that this suit is dismissed in the following manner: (check one) 1. With prejudice, meaning that the suit may never be refiled or proceeded with in the future. 2. Without prejudice, meaning that the suit may be refiled or proceeded with at a future date within the Statute of Limitations. Dated: Plaintiff(s) Signature CERTIFICATE OF SERVICE I hereby certify that a copy hereof has been: sent by certified mail to the above-named defendant(s) hand-delivered to the above-named defendant(s) . By: Deputy Clerk
  11. Yes I have it in my computer, when I log in from.tjere I can copy and paste it
  12. I paid the $250.00 filing fee and I just got JAMS 2nd email notice because they have not paid their share of filing fee. JAMS rep asked if I had another form of contact for the JDB (I don't). She just asked me if I could check the Florida Bar to see if they have another contact listed. Should I get this for them if I find it? Or should I wait to see if they dismiss and I will proceed with filing a motion for sanctions with the court. Should I do anything else in the meantime? Also, where can I find info on filing motion for sanction with the court?
  13. Ok, I will absolutely do this! I do think I messed up because I tried to negotiate a settlement (the day before the fees were due) by calling their number and sent them an email but they rejected my offer and countered at a one time payment of $10,000.00!!!!! (the debt is $12,000) So they still haven't paid any fees, I am going to submit mine today... however, JAMS said that arbitration will not commence until all parties have paid their fees, so what If I pay my portion and they do not?? Can I sent he mutual dismissal via mail certified? I believe the email I have is for their call center...
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