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  1. Sent in a request for arbitration and they dismissed without prejudice. Their collection record is gone from my credit report as well. I would’ve fought them as long as needed but I’m glad it’s over for now. They could always refile or sell it to another jdb.
  2. Each case is different and depends on your county. I would suggest reading the link mentioned in this thread: There's a lot of good information there and you can also google MTC and general denial templates and settle on one that you like. The law help center for each county also has general denial templates that you can use. I'd suggest you get a hold of Adobe Acrobat to fill out forms as it's super helpful to have, I didn't write anything by hand. Good luck, you can do it
  3. Thanks for posting your documents, this should help others immensely.
  4. Question: What are the chances Portfolio Recovery would refile a case after they got it dismissed without prejudice? That’s what happened with mine and I want to be ready for them in case they decide to try again. Also think they’ll try to sell it to another JDB? Amount was around $3800.
  5. Final update: I won the case, it was a lot of work but thanks to some of the invaluable information I found on this website and other places, I managed to beat them.
  6. Update: Sent my general denial in with my defense. Next step will be to write an affidavit + start a MTC with AAA and serve them + file w/the court. Hopefully that works.
  7. In filing the general denial, do I answer the areas of the complaint where they specifically mention causes? For example, in the summons they sent me there are two sections and titled as follows: FIRST CAUSE OF ACTION: ACCOUNT STATED 15. Plaintiff alleges and incorporates by reference the foregoing paragraphs 16. Within the last four years, an account was stated in writing between Defendant and SYNCHRONY BANK and on the account a balance of $xxxx.xx was stated to be due to SYNCHRONY BANK from Defendant. Defendant expressly or impliedly agreed to pay SYNCHRONY BANK that ba
  8. Hi, I did read through it as best as I could and will be typing up an MTC from the templates I've found here and elsewhere. Hopefully I can get some feedback on it once I've written it up so I can send it in together with my General Denial. What I was really confused about is if I should send a copy of the documents directly to Portfolio recovery or their attorneys?
  9. So I was served on 6/24 for an old Amazon Synchrony Bank debt for $3700. A few months ago when their law firm contacted me via mail I responded back through certified mail that I'd be willing to setup a payment plan with them but they completely ignored it and decided to sue me anyway. Anyhow, I would like to submit the general denial (pld-050) form but I'm a bit confused and hoping someone here can assist. Who do I list as the plaintiff, the law firm or Portfolio Recovery Associates? And which of them gets served a copy? Is there a way to e-file a response or do I have to go to the local supe