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  1. Hi all, Im in a similar situation trying to figure out FCRA violations. I had a credit card with BoFA for 30k defaulted due to unemployment. They sued me O hired a crappy lawyer and eventually settled for the full amount but paid in monthly payments without interest. Now they are reporting the account as charged off every month, they show an available credit amount, credit report does not state that it was settled and they report a new charge off every month (38) total. can someone help me figure out the FCRA violations, this is impacting my credit score every month! ( Al
  2. Hi, any info would be appreciated- JPMCB has reported 27 charge offs on one account. After the account was delinquent they chose to start reporting charge- offs every month. I eventually settled the account with them- because they were basically holding my credit hostage with their methods. Shouldn’t they be reporting one charge off, not 27. What, if any FCRA violations have they violated? I’m thinking the main thing is reporting inaccurate info. Thanks for any help!
  3. My wife has some errors on her credit report and we initiated Arbitration thru AA. We both have had to use this forum, but only my info was referenced in both cases. Can I speak for my wife or does she need to proceed on her own behalf?
  4. I initiated arbitration thru the AAA with A bank for a charged off account. We began negotiating- they requested a 30 day standstill, but they gave me an offer I felt was a lowball offer. They stopped communicating and have not paid their fees. Has anyone had this situation or can over any advice. This is the reason why Arbitration was initiated... My account was charged off four years ago. They are reporting a new charge off each month and deleting all prior months history. So every month my credit score drops and is showing “ new late payment in last 60 days”