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  1. Hello Harry, it's been a lot of years... Possibly, yes, I may have been. I mailed in a form from each credit union(experian, Trans union,equifax and innovas) requesting a free report.
  2. Hello everyone, I am working on bettering my credit. I noticed on all my credit reports, that a credit card I am current with is being marked as a negative account. I pay the entire balance sometimes, sometimes I carry a balance paying over the minimum - - but I pay something every month. My balances are never over $300. Yet on the reports it says "current :payed as agreed" But it is in the negative accounts category. Why is this? Thank you.
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    Hello everyone, I am a newbie here. I am reviewing my credit reports-starting work to fix my credit. I am seeing that on all 3 reports, and credit card that I have had for years, that I pay on a monthly basis. Sometimes the minimum, sometimes more than the minimum, SOMETIMES I pay the full balance. The point is I pay it every month. So why is it reported Current, paid as agreed yet Negative account? Can someone enlighten me? Thanx