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  1. Same case number, or start a new case? Thank you, JustSteve2
  2. Hello, I have a default judgment in Colorado from 2014. I am getting ready to sell a piece of real estate and the title company told me about it. I ordered a copy of the file for the case. They served a neighbor three houses away. I didn't receive service and was unaware this case even existed. It is from a junk debt buyer. There are many sites on the Internet about void judgments. I understand they lacked personal jurisdiction since I had no notice, and therefor was unable to respond. This judgment is not on my credit report. I have read that because the case is so old tha
  3. Just an update. Before I had a chance to file any paperwork the creditor voided the judgement, took it off the credit report, and sent my daughter a nice refund check. Steve
  4. My daughter has a judgement against her. She called the collection agency before the court date and talked to someone and thought it was taken care of. They are now garnishing her check. The bill was a medical bill for her daughter. She is on, and was covered by, Medicaid. She has a letter from The Colo Dept of Health Care Policy & Financing. The letter has been sent to the Hospital and the collection agency. She called and talked to the State office and they told her the collection agency is breaking the law. The letter is titled "NOTICE OF PROVIDER OF ILLEGAL BILLING ACTIO