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  1. @BackFromTheDebt I have spent hours combing the threads on arb and am thoroughly confused lol. Most of what I am reading is arb after being served, not pre-serving/pre-lawsuit. Maybe you can advise again here on some of my confusion? I don't understand the steps to take after filling out demand for arb - will the arbitrators let me know? Does it go to Citi or their lawyers? There's a lot on the board about how to do arb aft being served, not about prior... Does it involve a ton of paperwork? Those are sort of my questions. Thanks!
  2. @pulpfiction0 I am following as I'm in a similar position (threatened with lawsuit from CitiB lawyers in CA). Did you actually begin the arb paperwork online to serve them, or, did you just let them know you are invoking arb if they go farther? Really curious as I have been reading up so much on this but still completely unsure what to do or how to do it. Would love to hear where you are at with this.
  3. @BackFromTheDebt Forgive me for asking so many questions – this is all new to me. I cannot find my original CC agreements but citi has downloadable versions, so I grabbed them for both cards I had/need to file arb over. It states AAA not Jams. If I am doing this for 2 cards, both a little about 6K balances/debt, do I file twice/2 separate cases? At $200 each, I sure hope not. The consumer options are either Desk/Documents-Only Arbitration or In-Person or Telephonic Hearing Arbitration – are you familiar with the differences? It reads a bit confusing to me. All I want to do is say “hey, I know I have debt, I don’t have enough income right now to pay it all off, can we negotiate a monthly amount of X, or X, or X amount for a duration of time?”… In your experience or knowledge, when collectors get in to arbitration and start to realize the person can’t afford to pay the debt, do they bend/take what they can? Again, thanks so much you are being incredibly helpful!
  4. Hi, I am wondering if you would share/update? I am trying to see how arbitration outcomes go for folks in order to figure out if I should utilize or not. Thanks!
  5. @backfromthedebt Thanks for the quick reply. I would really appreciate feedback or opinions around my ideas, below... As of now, the next step might be that I fax them again clearly stating my income and providing them some options I can afford re mo payments to see if they might agree to terms. Honestly, my take home is so low that I'd likely be offering up more per month than any court would allow to be attached or garnished. You mentioned arbitration - I am not familiar and will read up on it in this forum. I googled it a bit and much of what came up was Citi Bank prefers arbitration over court, and that makes me wonder what they have to gain there (must be something!). So arbitration can only be done prior to lawsuit? Also, wouldn't this amount be more than small claims court ? Although its 2 cards - not sure if they will lump it together or keep them seperate. If I don't arbitrate and they won't budge and do serve me, is it possible to ask the judge to not allow garnishment? The type of work I do, it can be damaging if people do a search on me and see a judgment against me. I am so open to working with H&H to get this handled, I just wonder if that (along with just starting to build my career, my proof at attempts to work with this co, etc) might go a long way (or maybe it won't sadly).
  6. Hi all! I am hoping to get some advice - I am really starting to fall apart here and at a loss for what to do next... Due to major loss of income changes in my household and health issues, I stopped paying on my credit cards, 2 cards with Citi Bank being among them (to total 12K with Citi B). In June I got a debt validation letter from H&H stating they were a law firm on behalf of CitB; the letter was very confusing and wordy, it was also dated abt 10 days earlier than received (from all I am reading here I do not doubt this was done on purpose, esp. considering H&H is within an hr drive from where I live). I wrote them back abt a wk later asking about payment plans and got no response. I wrote them again (this time faxed with tracking) stating I didn't receive response on letter 1, I explained my household income had significantly changed aprx 10% of what it was when I had the cards and that I had major health issues, and again asked for them to send IN WRITING payment plan options... well, the very next day (per the letter date) they sent me a letter stating their "firm intends to file suit on behalf of Citibank". Wow. these people are ruthless (like I needed more stress during a pandemic!). Any advice on this? I am seriously considering bankruptcy and have already consulted with an attorney. It sure doesn't seem like they will negotiate a payment plan. Should I write and ask them again? Should I inquire with OC instead? I welcome any and all advice.