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  1. Ok, the case manager at JAMS said they will be closing the case within the next few days. I’ll start working on the motion in the mean time. Thanks!
  2. Hello, My JAMS arbitration case is going to be closed soon due to non-payment from the jdb and I’m unsure about what subsequent motion to file with the court. Is it a motion for sanctions asking for a dismissal with prejudice? Does anyone have a template they can share? I’m in California. Thanks!
  3. Ok awesome, I didn’t see that part. Thanks!
  4. Hello, Does anyone know the correct procedure for serving the jdb after your motion for arbitration has been granted? Can I just mail the jdb’s attorney the arbitration materials myself? I am using jams to arbitrate.
  5. Ok great. I had already prepared my MTC Arbitration docs but wanted to make sure it was the easiest/correct course of action. Thanks!
  6. Hello, The OC is Synchrony Bank and the amount is 5,700.00. It is an old CareCredit card that was charged off in 2017.
  7. Hello, I am being sued by Midland Funding in California but the complaint they submitted had nothing but two statements attached. There was no affidavit or bill of sale. Is this a possible weakness in the case that I can use?
  8. Hello, Does anyone know what software I can use to fill in my information on the redacted documents? @NetworkEngineer
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