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  1. @ReclaimMyTime no worries. I’ll keep you posted on what transpires. Good luck.
  2. I just filed my answer and MTC. I’m mailing a copy to velocity’s attorney.
  3. My confusion lies within the fact that I'm denying all allegations but motioning court to compel arbitration because of borrower agreement i have with original lender.
  4. @ReclaimMyTime The above answer and MTC is what i have so far. Is this what i need to get the ball rolling? Any edits? I'm such a newbie at this that its pretty stressful. Any help will do.
  5. Kyla Nicole Baxter 275 W Campbell Suite 312 Richardson, Tx 75080 Phone: 214-383-9088 Bar No. 24090609 } VELOCITY INVESTMENTS LLC. } PLANTIFF } ANSWER TO COMPLAINT/MOTION TO COMPEL } PRIVATE/CONTRACTUAL ARBITRATION
  6. Because there wasn’t any evidence submitted and no account information given in the summons, do I still file MTC along with answer?
  7. I was served with law suit by a process server. I am being sued for defaulting on a Loan with Lending Club for $18,455.98. There was no evince submitted along with the summons. However I was able to log onto my old lending club account. I looked through original Borrower agreement documents and found the Arbitration Clause below. Is filing an MTC my best bet? I only have a couple of days before I have to submit and answer. Help! I am located in Texas. Any templates of MTC for Texas? Any help would be extremely appreciated. ” 21. Arbitration. RESOLUTION OF DIS