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  1. The judge granted a nonsuit because it was the third time the plaintiff could not provide a witness, due to the COVID situation. The judge said that video calls could have been arranged and Glasser&Glasser should have known that. Since then I've learned alot too and will demand MORE during the discovery. The so called debt was from a application 20 years ago, at least that what they say, and it was being paid on by someone other than me until last year. Of course I asked for original contract in discovery but only sent me standard statements from 2018 to 2017, no purchases just payments on statements from an online account.
  2. I received summons from Glasser and Glasser her in Virginia. They say they are representing Discover Card. I did ask for defense and after several continuances by Glasser and Glasser I requested the case to be dismissed. The judge granted me a non suit. Fast forward. Here in Virginia, a non suit, is not a win just gives the plaintiff 6 months to start the process all over again. Today I received in the mail a letter from Glasser and Glasser to settle for given three options of payment plans. Has anyone dealt with Glasser and Glasser / Discover Card? I guess on question is even in the letter it states this is from a debt collector. In my defense I requested my original contract - seeing the G&G says Discover card hired them then Discover card should have my originals. Of course we never made it to trail due to the nonsuit. I've read that most likely G&G will refile but any advise would be appreciated.