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  1. Ok thanks again for your reply i appreciate your help!
  2. Understood sir, as stated in my original post nowhere in the FCRA states that it should be removed, but it is a violation nonetheless. Respectfully i am asking for advice how to proceed? Is it valid? Not sure its back from 2015.
  3. I am familiar with the CFPB statement which is vague at best. The first round was a generic asking for a basic verification that it, nothing factual yet. We are talking three months here though its a violation. Thanks for responding.
  4. I disputed a collection with TransUnion, they took 80 days from the time they received my round 1 letter (certified mail) to respond which was a stall letter. I understand due to Covid-19 it would take a while but 80 days? Before the stall letter arrived i sent off a second letter demanding they remove the collection for (failure to respond) FCRA violation. 13 days after i received the stall letter i received a verified letter, so this is their response is "verified" after 93 days. I pulled my report today the collection is still there. Now they are clearly in violation but nothing