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  1. Hello. I have a judgement against me in Georgia dated 1/14/2010. Yesterday I received a settlement offer letter from the creditor on the debt, but I'm unsure if I should follow-up with them. From what I've read, creditors have 7 years on a judgement and 3 more years to renew it in Georgia. So using this as a bases, I presume my judgement to be dead. However, I also read that the creditors can revive the judgement with a writ of scire facias even after the 10 years. So, what should I do? Do I contact the creditors about the debt (I'm concerned this will restart my debt timeline)? If I do nothing and wait to see if creditors file a writ of scire facias, can I ask the courts to deny their claim? How likely am I to win? Should I get a lawyer and if so, what type of lawyer would help me?