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  1. Thank you so much @fisthardcheese! Was hoping to get your insight with all of this. Does the consumer rule I listed above cover my in person hearing request? I couldn't find another rule regarding such. Is the live witness something I would request at the initial hearing or on my rebuttal response to his objection? Yeah I started this several months back and listed the violations for the demand letter but I will need to get more of an understanding and get more detailed. Is there a template I can follow for how a brief should look? Assumed as much with the Covid thing. Would that mean that costs will not be as high? A couple other questions I had were, how many days would I say is needed to settle this matter if that question is brought up by the arbitrator? And is there a point where I should reach out to the lawyer asking them to settle? Perhaps insisting I intend to take this through appeals?
  2. Likely not as much research as I could/should have done and not entirely sure where to start. Is this something I need to do before the first hearing? Or something that can be done during discovery? In my initial request for an in person hearing the OC attorney objected to an in person hearing. Was just wondering if this is the rule in AAA consumer rules that entitles me to an in person hearing? "R-29 . Documents-Only Procedure Disputes may be resolved by submission of documents and without in-person or telephonic hearings . For cases being decided by the submission of documents only, the Procedures for the Resolution of Disputes through Document Submission (found at the end of these Rules) shall supplement these Rules . These Procedures will apply where no disclosed claims or counterclaims exceed $25,000 (see R-1(g)), unless any party requests an in-person or telephonic hearing or the arbitrator decides that a hearing is necessary ."
  3. Filed a cfpb claim with barclays (its on their website), spoke and informed barclays directly about this, sent out dispute and validation letters to CRA (have copies of this), and sent a demand letter to barclays (and also have a copy of this)
  4. No the dispute decision did not state anything about returning me the already paid amount. As for the interest if the remainder of what I paid and the disputed amount is $0 then there should not have been any interest. The problem was that there was a technical glitch in the system (they admitted to) that showed that the 20k I paid showed as unpaid for several months. Therefore, accruing interest... It now shows $0. No. The old history is still reporting as over 100 days late. Any advice on what law they could be violating here? I assumed it was the FCRA Yes I have and I listed them in my demand letter. AAA
  5. Thank you for your quick response! The Barclays agreement says this: "A party can file with the Administrator a written appeal of a single arbitrator’s award within 30 days of award issuance, requesting a new arbitration in front of three neutral arbitrators designated by the Administrator. The panel will reconsider all factual and legal issues, following the same rules of procedure, and will make decisions based on majority vote." So I guess I can only request a 3 person arbitration if the case does go to appeals and not for the initial case? As for my claims, I thought I listed them above. Was there anything that wasn't clear or was it everything?
  6. @fisthardcheese @BV80 @BrotherskeeperAny thoughts? Sorry to tag you in this if you had no intention on responding but your response on other threads I have read seem like your experience and knowledge could really help!
  7. Thank you in advance for anyone willing to help! (Also, apologizing in advance for any typos!) I commenced arbitration with Barclays about a month ago and finally got the email today that the process has started. A little bit about the story: Im in California. There was a charge for a significant amount. I paid half my bill in good faith so that my credit wouldn't show high utilization and because I didn't expect anything to go wrong. Ended up needing to dispute the charge and won. However, I was only rewarded for the amount that I didn't already pay. So left with around 20k that barclays didn't return. Then it starts getting weird... So, for months after the rewarded dispute Barclays was weirdly showing that I owed around $20k because of some technical glitch and was charging me interest (some of which I accidentally paid because of autopay and was still never returned to me), getting collection calls (unfortunately I never called to ask them to stop), and reported this incorrect information to my credit (even after a couple letters sent to the CRA's to validate the debt). After a couple months I ended up filing a CFPB claim and someone finally called me back. It took a while but they finally removed that I owed around 20k but that was it. The credit history was still left and they also weirdly left the interest that was accrued from not paying that balance and when trying to reach back out no one ever got back to me. So after a while I decided to just send a demand letter with a lawyer letter head and see where that leads. I was demanding around 20k (for the amount that wasn't awarded), for the balance to be rightfully reflected that I don't owe anything, credit history to be fixed, money in interest I paid to be returned, to be un-blacklisted from barclays (as this whole thing got all my cards closed), and listed in the demand that they called me for collections that were never rightfully owed, they didn't properly deliver my adverse action notice (language for closure was too vague), and falsely reported to the credit bureaus unowed amounts... Shortly after the demand letter, I noticed that they actually did make my balance $0 on my barclays account. I then got a call from a lawyer who asked if he could delete all the bad credit history could we settle. I said no possible way as I still wan't everything else on the demand letter. I told him if he doesn't intend to cooperate then I will pursue arbitration and touched on how fees for arbitration add up. He then said that barclays is not in the business of rolling over and settling if an arbitration is brought against them and that was basically the end of that. I then filed arbitration. So here we are, just wanted to ask for any advice at all as it seems my situation is much different the the other posters as its not debt I' am trying to settle rather money they owe me I am trying to get back. I just got the first letter from the pro se team basically asking if I plan to continue representing myself and acknowledging receipt of the demand for arbitration. Is this where I respond to the email requesting a 3 person arbitration and in person hearings?