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  1. BTW, this is the form for RJI have to file, should I fill it out?? And under "Nature of Action", I was going to put "Notice of Motion", but what do I put for Relief Requested & Return Date?Request For Judicial Intervention (PDF).pdf
  2. So I just filed my answer, I didn't file my MTC because I didn't realize that I would have to file a Request for Judicial Intervention in order to have the motion filed. Plus, I only budgeted for the $45 motion fee, not the RJI (which is $140) so I'm likely going to have to come back to get that filed next week. I'd like to wait to see what Velocity's next move will be following my answer before moving to file my motion. My intent to arbitrate is there within my answer so I'm hoping it prompts them to step back before judicial intervention is required, but we'll have to see what happens.
  3. @BackFromTheDebt I see what you mean, I am leaning towards filing the MTC tomorrow along with my answer and seeing where that goes. I was interested in pursuing the dismiss without prejudice route for the improper service, but, as you say, it's probably not worth it, especially if they're likely to just come back again. @BV80 Yes, that was the case for me seeing as my father received the summons in my absence, but I never received the mailed copy of it in the mail that's supposed to follow in-person delivery of the complaint, so that's why I was questioning whether it was bad service or n
  4. @BackFromTheDebt I appreciate your response, thank you! What do you mean by knowing how to make the claim though? In terms of how I would make that claim in my answer? There's a template that my county's court provides that lists that as a response to the summons, so I'll just have that checked off in my answer (I attached it below just so you get what I mean lol). Considering I only go that route in my answer, and they do move to dismiss the case, I realize that they might come back again, but I'm wondering if I have any leverage in reaching out to them and telling them I plan on going
  5. Hey everyone! I came across this website in my googles and have spent the past 2 days reading up on A LOT in this forum, for which I am eternally grateful for! All the knowledge and help that have been provided has been weirdly comforting to me, knowing I'm not the only one going through this, so thank you all so much! Despite that though, I'm still feeling very anxious, nervous, and uncertain about this whole process, it's the first time I’ve ever had to go through this, so any guidance and advice on how to proceed would be tremendously appreciated. I've filled out & included t