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  1. I should mention the law firm is in Utah while I'm in Colorado and the JDB Cavalry (the affiant and notary that signed the affidavit of claim) is in New York. The lawyer doesn't seem to be licensed in Colorado as far as I can tell. Is this an issue?
  2. As the title states, I live in Colorado and am facing a lawsuit from Cavalry SPV (in Denver County Court) for around $13k, originally a Citi account. My answer is due on the 16th of October but I'm going to file it mid next week (a few days early). I thought I had most of what I needed prepared but now that I'm getting into the thick of it and about to fill in the answer form, I'm getting a bit confused and I hope someone here can offer some help! I plan on filing my answer and then filing a MTC Arbitration once the answer is accepted. I have the Colorado Answer Under Simplified Civil Pro