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  1. Thanks for the update. deleted.. ongoing case, don't want to jeopardize it sharing too much information..
  2. I am trying to find if they had the "small claims court exclusion" at the time in their agreement. If they did I am SOL with arbitration. I am trying to create a roadmap on how to proceed, <<edited, ongoing case, don't want to jeopardize my strategy>>> Just trying to see all the options available to me, I am ready to fight them as best as I can, and the pre-trial date is in few weeks.
  3. The card in question is 2010 Citibank Platinum select. I couldn't find the actual CC Agreement, but it may have "Small Claims Court" Exclusion. <<edited, ongoing case, don't want to jeopardize my strategy>>> still be able to file for arbitration for Violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or billing dispute regardless of the lawsuit, for leverage. As in I can drop the arbitration case, if they drop the lawsuit? Any ideas on how I should proceed?
  4. My understanding is the JDB wants to avoid other defendants to elect arbitration in their defense. They are accustomed to easy wins where the defendants don't even show for the pre-trial. When you fight them, especially with a technique which is not that common -as arbitration- they want to make sure it is not widely known.
  5. Exactly my thoughts. Any information which is publicly available -public records- should be safe to discuss. As for the settlement, it is not hard to have a general idea what the settlement was about for anyone following this forum.
  6. please ignore.. repetitive.. failed to quote the above comment..
  7. I couldn't find a copy online so far, would like to know if anyone has a copy.
  8. I don’t think OP wants to share his settlement conditions. He referred to MTC and other filings which are all public records. I am not a lawyer and I can’t advise him what to do, and he may probably feel safer not sharing anything, also in this forum there is a copy of generic MTC available for anyone to download/use. But I can’t see how he can get in to trouble if anyone used his MTC, which is filed with the court and is public records.
  9. How does NDA work with publicly available information is beyond me. The court documents are public records and anyone can access those documents.
  10. I also need a Citibank Platinum Select Card agreement for 2010. I couldn't find a copy online so far, would appreciate if anyone has a copy.
  11. I am in So Fla. Very similar case to yours. Sued by same company and lawyers for about the same amount. (around late $2Ks) Any updates regarding the settlement? Also can I have your MTC, would help a lot. I filed a motion to dismiss, but haven't filed an answer yet.
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