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  1. Ahh, well. So first off, thanks to all the great help I got regarding this subject, it definitely gave me an idea of what I could (and couldn't do). As you guys were totally right, they were pretty predatory about the whole thing - my early offers were mostly denied and they were absolutely after a judgment. So, I will settle, but it won't be pretty ($1450). They do offer payment plans and stuff but I'm at the point where I'd rather get this cleared and out of my hair. I know for plenty this amount would be ridiculous but, if I can just have this chapter closed I'd prefer that. Some
  2. I don't disagree, but you were making a point earlier about how there seems to be a bias here with LVNV and the Bulloch Magistrate. Or do I have that wrong? That's why I'm willing to explain my financial situation at least, not that I expect a win, but to create a resolution that would hypothetically be reasonable. Actually on that, has this happened before? Are there other threads on here with experiences dealing with the Bulloch County Magistrate? I haven't seen any, but those could help me if I see. My paper didn't say anything about a remote trial, but I can see why that woul
  3. Okay, so if I wrote a written statement to read off of that isn't allowed? As far as settlement talks it wouldn't be me trying to get a settlement during the trial, just me saying that I was making attempts to make good on the debt before it went to trial. Again, not for them, that's just for me, to have on record, whether that's worth anything or not. Though if I can't I suppose that's that, or do I really have anything to lose there? Not like I'd win in that situation anyway. I'll keep any eye on collection proof stuff. That assumes it goes to state court as you mentioned. Als
  4. Okay, this has all been extremely helpful so far, thanks for answering my questions. I do have a few more. But first off my game plan seems pretty good now. From now til March (my trial is set for the 16th) I'll make the settlement offer of $600 and see where that goes. If it doesn't I can try for one higher but I'm not going to strain myself into a payment I can't make. I'll make that offer every few days or so (or is "bugging" them not a good idea?). I'll also keep a record of every time I made the offer (reason for that later). If for ALL those offers they still won't budge, I gue
  5. Okay, thanks for all the help, I think I've gotten what I needed. One last question so I'm absolutely sure, I should call Stenger to make the settlement offer right? Or would I call LVNV?
  6. Also, one other thing: I'm going to see if I can make the settlement offer this week and see if they'll budge. Is it possible they'll refuse and just try to go to court for the full amount?
  7. Gotcha - I think my reluctance to call was always being wary of debt collectors and how they collect info but this has moved beyond that. I'll definitely just call then. Also yeah, I asked if it was predatory because I thought about detailing my typical financial hardship in the sense maybe they'd be reasonable, but there's this inherent sense of malice to the whole thing (even the clerk I talked to sounded like she wanted me to just admit the debt was mine right there and then a few months back). So, going to court and trying to say "I'd like to resolve this but it would be difficult" doesn't
  8. Okay, thanks for the clarification. I wanted to know just in case I missed something and also if I made my settlement offer it had gone to the right entity (mine I originally mailed to Stanger and Stenger as listed on the papers). Yeah it's definitely very predatory in nature, or feels like. Am I wrong? I even looked up garnishment laws and Kemp unsurprisingly changed them to benefit JDBs and the like. Also, I'm considering resending the first settlement letter because haven't heard back, but this time with priority tracked mail so 1 I know they got and 2 I can track it
  9. Hang on, this might be critical, I never noticed it: The plaintiff is listed as LVNV Funding "as successor to the interest of credit," and underneath is Stenger and Stenger. Does that mean I should be dealing with LVNV instead? Also, isn't Stenger and Stenger based in Michigan? I don't know much about law but don't you need to be in the same state to file a civil case of that state? Edit: Yeah, double checking Credit One sold the debt off to three collectors, none of which mention Stenger and Stenger (but apparently S and S file together with LVNV?) Just seems weird that a Mich
  10. As an update, I mailed a settlement letter to Stenger, and tried to be "fair" but keep the terms appropriate. Basically it's a flat $600 offer for immediate pay but only if they agree - in writing - that they accept the deal and inform the courts (or however that goes). We'll see where it goes.
  11. Oh cool, that's definitely doable (good number too, I was initially thinking of offering half). For settlement offers, I wager it's best to have it in writing, and if I make an offer should I send it to the court or the one's suing me? Thanks for the help so far.
  12. Alright, so, my court date is indeed set for March like suggested before. While I've denied the claim, I don't know what kind of defense path I can really take. If I show up to court and assert the debt isn't mine, that'll be proven false pretty easily. Unless there's some other ace in the hole, I feel like my best option is to settle for less than the amount.
  13. Okay, update, just got back from the court and filed my "denial of everything" in the written form. According to the clerk I "should" hear something in the mail in two weeks.
  14. Wow, the only "positive" thing about COVID in my case. Okay, I'll do that this week. And yeah I've got time, I was issued the suit on the 21st of October but wanted to make sure my response was accurate. I'll give your link a read (thanks!). Obviously there's a lot of layers and steps and I feel like I could easily make a mistake, so, with your corrections it's: 1. Go to the magistrate court 2. Request or get the forms you mentioned regarding my case and tick off deny 3. With that situated I guess wait until March I'll do that this week and then post an update here, ap
  15. Lots of information so gotta process it. Doesn't sound like the arbitration thing holds up. Alright, so step 1 is to find the forms you're referring to here on this website, dabble with some info pertaining to my case, and give that to the clerk. The suit mentions I can file my response in writing so that works.