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  1. I sent the email and they say they have no record of them calling me? Buttttt I definitely have a missed call from their number so I don’t get how they have no record. The court date is over Zoom (so annoying—the attorney’s office is 3 hours away and now he doesn’t even have to drive over). I’m so nervous 😫😩. Do I need to have anything prepared?
  2. Is there any downside to doing that? And would I just say I prefer to be contacted by email and nothing else? Sorry I just don’t want to make a wrong move. Thanks!
  3. I got a call from a spam number and didn’t answer it, but I always google the number to see who it was, and it was the attorney’s office. They didn’t leave a message. Anyone have any idea what that may have been about?
  4. Thanks @BV80! I took it, the answer, the affidavit and the agreement to the clerk today and filed. She said I’ll get a letter in the mail with my court date which will be via Zoom 🙄 not in love with that, but at least I’m on to the next stage. I know from reading many of @fisthardcheese responses that I should wait until my MTC is granted before filing with AAA, but I have also read I should have some sort of letter or application at my court date to show I’m serious about filing. I will go back and review exactly what I’m supposed to have that day but I appreciate everyone’s help so much
  5. Yes, I eliminated it in the revised one above. I’m about to take it to the clerk in an hour. Does everything look right with it?
  6. So no separate letter required, then? This is my revised MTC and answer, any last advice? @BackFromTheDebt @fisthardcheese @alwayswinning36 @BV80 MTC.doc SCCA703.pdf
  7. Alright, tomorrow is the day I have to hand in everything. Please advise if I need to send a separate letter to the JDB attorney stating I am electing arbitration...so far I have my answer, an affidavit, the CC agreement, and the MTC all going to the clerk tomorrow.
  8. I have now done that! Thank you! Also in reviewing your sample MTC, it states that a letter has been sent CMRRR to the Plaintiff's attorney electing arbitration, in my case, with AAA. Do I need to draft a letter to them electing arb and requesting dismissal? Initially I was just planning on sending the copies of the MTC and my answer but if I need to draft a letter also I want to make sure I do that because all of this has to be done today and tomorrow. Thanks @fisthardcheese!
  9. I will make the changes and repost. Does my answer document look okay? I’m trying to find examples of S.C. affidavits. I see all kinds on the court forms page but none with the right language for certifying a document.
  10. I am not above begging for some help. If any of you have a spare moment to review my answer and my MTC before I submit them I would greatly appreciate it. @BV80 @fisthardcheese @nobk4me
  11. Any comments or insight would be super welcome and appreciated, I only have until Tuesday to get this to the clerk.
  12. Here is the exact complaint they sent, any wisdom or guidance as to how to safely answer these would be much appreciated in reference to the answer document which is also attached a few replies earlier. Will attach again for convenience. Should I just check box A and State the arbitration clause is being elected and therefore court is Improper venue and then also check D and then attach another paper stating: 1. Defendant confirms. 2. Defendant confirms. 3. Defendant has no knowledge as to the referenced claim and thereby denies. 4. Defendant has no knowledge as to the
  13. Hey @BrendaG, know it's been a while since you posted this but care to update on the outcome? I live in the same county and am sued by the same attorneys and would love to know how this panned out for you. Thanks!
  14. I will upload my MTC and answer when finished drafting. I still cannot find any agreements for PayPal Credit for 2018 period (account was charged off 11 of 2018), despite having checked all similar agreements and all of CFPB archives for that year. The S&C makes all references generally to Comenity Capital but the account was acquired in July 2018 by Synchrony right before charging off in November of the same year and then being bought by PRA from Synchrony. I tried called Synchrony, I tried calling a Comenity, I cannot find an agreement for either bank for 2018. I have one revis
  15. Thanks for your response! I wasn’t sure if that that changed if I filed an MTC with my answer. But with the form they gave me, it says to “check one,” and one box is to contest the jurisdiction, and there’s another box to deny the allegations. Do I check both or one or...? Is an affidavit from a PRA employee generally considered sufficient or insufficient proof of ownership?