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  1. Thanks for clarifying that Fisthardcheese. On Saturday I received a copy of their response to my MTC Arbitration titled "Response To Defendants MTC Arbitration". They are asking that I institute arbitration proceedings within 30 days in compliance with the term of the agreement. They also are requesting "stay of the pending case for the arbitration award to be filed and confirmed". I will need to go and re-read the post about how to file with JAMS, but how do I format a response to their response? I did notice there is no file stamp from the court clerk on the copy of their response sign
  2. HELP! I filed my Answer and MTC Arbitration following fisthardcheese advise in his thread "Arbitration Overview and Strategy" on 11/20 (Thank you). Yesterday I got a letter from Love, Beal and Nixon (for Cavalry SPV) that reads "This information and the attached documentation is provided in response to your request for debt validation. The original creditor on this account is Synchrony Bank/Old Navy , located at PO Box 96061 Orlando, FL. The account number is XXXXXXXXXXXX9896. The social security number associated with this account ends in the last four digits of XXX-XX-0447. T
  3. Question: I filed my entry of appreance (pro se), answer and MTC Arbitration on 11/20. Do I need to do my application for JAMS now?
  4. AW36, No, I never asked for validation. I didn't know it was sent to a JDB at all until I was served 11/2. Thanks for your advice about keeping my concentration on the arbitration and not litigating the debt. I think I was trying to be honest in my answer about actually having an Old Navy card, which is why I admitted to having one, but denied all other allegations. I am trying to find on OSCN's site if a general denial is acceptable as my answers. I will post my new drafts when I get a time.
  5. Alwayswinning36, I purposely typed in "me" and not my first in last name. Of course, my first and last name is in the formal document. My question is about the MTC - with this one, I need to include all 15 pages of the cc agreement? Thank you for clarifying regarding my answers. So basically, I am way too wordy, but I need to address number 1 and 2 that is on the Petition for Indebtedness; #1reads that "Synchrony Bank/Old Navy provided defendant credit, defendant defaulted on the obligation, the account has been assigned to the Plaintiff". #2-Defendant owes Plaintiff $833.86. In Oklahoma
  6. Okay, this is what I have so far for my Answer. I also have my Entry of Appearance completed. As I understand, I will file my Entry of Appearance and Answer with the Court Clerk who will stamp the documents. Then I mail both documents to Plaintiff. I will need to draft my MTC Arbitration (I have not started this-eeeek) and file asap. Question: When I file my MTC I know I need present the credit card terms/agreement with it. Do I print and submit all 15 pages of the CC agreement even if arbitration is listed on 2-3 pages? If I do submit all 15 pages, do I refer to what pages the arbitrati
  7. I found it under Synchrony Bank/GAP on the CFPB website and on the last page it reads "The above notice applies only to consumer Gap Credit Card, Gap Visa Card, Banana Republic Credit Card, Banana Republic Visa Card, Old Navy Credit Card, Old Navy Visa Card".
  8. Thank you for clarifying. The summons was given to my dad on 11/2/20 so I have 20 days per the summons to file my answer. I have the majority of it typed up and was going to add "lack of subject matter jurisdiction due to private contractual arbitration" to my affirmative defenses. I will delete the other affirmative defense and just list the arbitration. I am going to post it when I complete it because I am worried I will come across as an idiot.
  9. Thank you WhoCares1000, do I list my affirmative defenses after my answers? Then 2-3 days later I need to file the MTC correct?
  10. I read the thread from the link you attached in your response. This help tremendously. To clarify, I read in my Affirmative Defenses I need to claim "Lack of Subject Matter Jurisdiction" in relation to MTC arbitration. Do I include my other defenses after this?
  11. Thank you so much. I have drafted most of my Answer along with my Entry of Appearance. Do I include the request for arbitration with part of my answer or is this separate? My answer is pretty generic and I included my affirmative defenses. I have no experience in this at all, but I am ready to fight these guys. I have until 11/22 to file my answer. I will research arbitration because you lost me on MTC and JAMS lol. I am a much better RN than legal guru. Again, thank you for your reply!
  12. I was served a Summons from Love, Beal and Nixon (LBN), representing Cavalry SPV I. This is from an Old Navy/Synchrony Bank credit card I had years ago. The petition for indebtedness is asking for $833 plus interest, all court costs and attorney's fees. I went through a nasty divorce in 2012 and my ex did some pretty repulsive things regarding my finances so it's a long story and not worth gong into right now. I know I had the card, but never owed that much. My concern is about the SOL. My last payment was on 11/16/2015 and the SOL in Oklahoma is 5 years. My elderly dad was given the summons w