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  1. Hi. It’s a credit card debt - possible a Visa. I don’t ever recall having a $5500 balance. Sadly, I don’t have any documents relating to this CC because I lost so much in a house fire 3 years ago.
  2. Thank you CM for explaining. I am still as lost now as I was when I started seeking advice. I don’t know what to do regarding the JAMS demand form. I realize now that I’m dealing with an OC- so where do I find resources on violations? I have two open cases, the first is with Cavalry and the second is with OC Midfirst. I cannot afford an attorney which is why I’ve begged for some guidance- I guess I will fill out my two separate demand forms and see if they get rejected. I do appreciate those who have given me some great information since I started this thread in November- I’m so unclear
  3. Thank you for explaining that. My sister used to work for this attorney for Midfirst years ago and told me he usually buys old debts. I think I am going to have to research what violations an OC can have. I was harassed and threatened initially (5 yrs ago), but never heard a word after that. Also, I was never notified by this attorney for Midfirst about the debt until I was being sued- I received the summons by certified mail. He tried to serve me for 15 months apparently. I moved to a different town in a different county and never knew. Thanks again.
  4. Thank you for answering BV80. My report does show Midwest is reporting and the account was closed/charged off 5/2016. My nerves are frazzled!
  5. One more question; when finish my JAMS demand form/application, do I wait until JAMS provides me a case #? or will they give me a case # if I don't pay first? Should I file anything with the court notifying them I filed in JAMS or just send a copy of my completed JAMS demand form to the Plaintiff as you wrote above? Thanks!!
  6. BFTD: I am most definitely overthinking this. I promise I'm not stupid, just not very confident when trying to battle legal things like this. I tend to be a little OCD in the field of nursing, so of course, I want to make sure I do what is required in this case. I will try to put on a better poker face. I may be back with more questions, but thank you for taking the time and addressing this for me. Much appreciated.
  7. Thank you for answering. I don’t know when the hearing is for the MTC. When I filed it the first of March, the clerk said they will contact me by phone when they schedule it. I called the clerks office Friday and was transferred to the judges clerk where I had to leave a voicemail. The discovery demands states I have 30 days from the date of service (it was mailed in regular mail and in my mailbox, so I'm unsure how they know I received it) to respond. The judge in this case is a “special” judge just for these cases. It’s been almost 4 weeks since I filed and in that time the plaintiff has
  8. Crying right now! I really need guidance please. I am likely over thinking here. On the JAMS demand form, I have no idea what to write on "Nature of Dispute/Claims and Relief Sought"- this is on page 3 of the JAMS Arbitration Demand Form. What are my claims? I have re-read the step by step process from @fisthardcheeseand I am so lost. I know I am not to bring up the lawsuit against me with the debt collectors, but I am fighting two different cases in two different counties. How and where do I find claims or examples of the nature of my dispute? Where do I find samples or Oklahoma case la
  9. No, unfortunately I can't. McClain County courthouse is in a small country town so its understandable they only allow in person filings. Sadly, I am just getting home from work and after 14 hours, I'm exhausted. I will most likely tackle the JAMS application this weekend (this is also confusing to me). Regarding my answer to the opposing attorney, Should I include any case law to my answer related to "simply using hand waving arguments with no legal basis to deny you rights protected by the US Supreme Court". I am completely fascinated with law and legal processes, but I lack the knowledg
  10. Thank you so so much for bringing me some relief! I have RE- read the CC user agreement terms several times this morning and never saw anything relating to his response. I have only filled out a small fraction of the JAMS application, but I will work on it when I’m off work. The agreement does show they will pay for the application fee if I request it or that’s how interpreted it. Would I have to pay the application fee when I file? I know in the arbitration thread it shows that I do. I work Monday through Friday at a large OKC hospital so driving to the courthouse takes me over an hour
  11. Help! This is in regard to the second lawsuit with Stephen Bruce and Assoc. (Midfirst Bank credit card). I filed my answer and then MTC Arbitration in Purcell Oklahoma the beginning of March. The Plaintiff who is a JDB filed their response yesterday stating I did not give proper notice of dispute to them (Plaintiff). I will attach their response as I am at a loss as I have began the application process of filling out my JAMS application, but haven't submitted it because I am waiting on the judge to grant my MTC. The Plaintiff is saying that my MTC is not "ripe" and is asking my MTC be denied.
  12. I finally called the the court clerk who transferred me to the clerk for the judge assigned to my case. I have to go to her in person to get my MTC on his docket so he can hopefully grant it. On another note, I was recently served by Stephen Bruce and Associates who are representing Midfirst Bank on a Visa credit card debt. I have heard Stephen Bruce can be a real bully and this case is in McClain County; where all "the good ole boys" scratch each others backs. I am going to file my answer today along with my MTC arbitration and I pray I can get all of this resolved soon. I will update so
  13. :ove, Beal and Nixon filed a Response to my MTC Arbitration asking the judge to order me to initiate proceedings with JAMS within 30 days. I am still waiting on the judge to grant my MTC. I can't get his clerk to call me back about my MTC that was filed 11/29. Covid restrictions has really caused nothing but chaos at the OK County Court house. I am trying to fill out my JAMS application, but I am really confused about some of it. I also am unable to fill in the application online. I will have to print it, fill it out, then scan it in and email to JAMS. Regardless, the CC agreement reads that "
  14. Thanks for clarifying that Fisthardcheese. On Saturday I received a copy of their response to my MTC Arbitration titled "Response To Defendants MTC Arbitration". They are asking that I institute arbitration proceedings within 30 days in compliance with the term of the agreement. They also are requesting "stay of the pending case for the arbitration award to be filed and confirmed". I will need to go and re-read the post about how to file with JAMS, but how do I format a response to their response? I did notice there is no file stamp from the court clerk on the copy of their response sign