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  1. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my post. Here is a bit more information. The debt is just over $6000 which I believe does not qualify for small claims court. The last payment made to Citibank was in February of this year. I’ve also searched my name in the court for my county and came up with no search results. Does that mean they have not sued me yet? I will do my research on arbitration now. Thank you again.
  2. I received a notice of intent to file suit today from law firm Hunt & Henriques. This is the first correspondence I have received from them, though I get a call weekly from them. I have yet to speak with them. This is for a debt that I owe to Citibank that is within SOL in California. I am unemployed and my financial situation is bad. Due to the pandemic, I’m having a hard time finding work. I don’t own a house, nor a car, and have no assets, or any way to pay right now. It sounds like they will be suing soon and I’m worried and not sure what to do next. The letter was dated 9 days ago and