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  1. really need help with a debt collection that suing bye Lloyd & McDaniel, in court cant find no laywer even help cause it only like 1000 i have sent a debt vaild letter all they sent was bill of sells of account dose not state mine a cedit card statement and a affidavit thats who ever stamped it didn't even look at who signed it cause it not even signed bye who did it i ask for chain of title each time it was sold think it was 3 or more. Proof they own it with a agreements each time ut was sold .legal aid wont even help And i been out work since aug i have a trail date for jan 7 130 pm even with all the wrong stuff and no proof of stuff laywer still said cost more i even said ill counter sue if i can cause its against fdca to try collect if they can't prove they own it i I belive they said they have witness to but shouldn't there be one for each time it was sold and a affidavit from credit one whi sold it says they no how records are keeped and stuff i have ask for proof on contract where i signed my name on credit one i cant even get no one help aslo there affadavit who ever stamp it didnt put when there lic exp on is there any help cauae i belive a judge that dont no much on this is just going side with them
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