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  1. Understood. I'm trying to exhaust any options beforehand if possible. What about trying to get it vacated for bad service? Good or bad idea? What effect does that have on the original credit file? Would it come back on CR?
  2. I was sued by Cohen and Slamowitz (now Selip and Stylianou) in 2008 for credit account with Discover. They won by default because I was unaware that they sued me. They delivered summons (nail and mail) to my old address (I had moved a few months before). I never received the summons. Fast forward to today. Judgement no longer shows on CR (believe it dropped off around '15). Credit score now 750+. They never garnished wages, or froze bank account. Wife holds mortgage in her name, but now we're looking to build, and her credit score and DTI is just shy of what we need to do to make o