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  1. If you're still around, I'm curious to know what became of your situation. I'm in a very similar boat. Almost $4k including interest. Haven't contacted anyone yet, but my preliminary strategy is going to be just offering to pay up the full amount, but in installments. Not sure if I contact the debt buyer, or the lawyer representing them...
  2. I am in Los Angeles, CA. So I am being sued by a debt collector for a credit card I defaulted on in 2015. It was a valid debt, within statute of limitations, and I was properly served in 2018, but I sort of just never acknowledged it. Never went to court or anything. Fast forward to this week, I get in the mail a "Memorandum of Costs After Judgement, Acknowledgement of Credit, and Declaration of Accrued Interest". That prompted me to look at the case file on the city website, and see that a "Writ of Execution" was filed on December 2nd. From some preliminary research, I'm seeing th