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  1. Thank you so much. Yes, I have heard from a lawsuit attorney today, who said that 30 days is a minimum, for executing on a judgment. And...that bank levies are expensive, and companies (even BofA) rarely go that direction. I believe they may give me some time, as I have asked them to work with me so that I can avoid BK. Still...I agree not to trust in anything, and protect my meager wage earnings as well as I can. I appreciate your answer.
  2. I will soon have a judgment against me. I'll attend my zoom court hearing, but I have no defense, it's Bank of America, and I owe the money. They have no payment plan I can afford currently (I'm barely in the black right now), so I am planning bankruptcy. I am in Texas, and I can't find real information about whether there is a grace period after a judgment has been entered. I have seen some conversations about a 30 day period where the debtor is granted time to respond...but my question is, can the creditor receive a bank levy immediately after the judgment is entered? Do I need to stop using