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  1. Update I’ve been researching and it looks like they have broke 2 UDAPP violations... they threatened garn without a judgement and even tasked about court fees that I owe without judgement. Would this help in court?
  2. Original creditor is credit one, I didn’t even know about the debt until I was served, I was never given any type of notice. So this is all a shock to me
  3. Hey y’all, im new to this stuff but I’m being sued by Kohn law firm/midland in Wisconsin i received summons paper but it never gave me an option to file and answer. The debt is only $600 and I’ve been trying to set up a payment plan with them for $100 a month and they absolutely refuse and keep telling me they would get more garnishing me. I’m tight on money and can’t afford a lawyer. I don’t know what to do any help would be appreciated