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  1. Hello, I wish to thank responders to my post; 'Clydesmom of Skaar & Feagle, BV80 & BackFromTheDebt. Your replies are respected and highly valued, at this juncture! *** I'm afraid I was fed misinformation, the first time I called Bank of America to confirm "IF", the Charged-Off account Lawsuit had been 'Assigned' to Cooling & Winter or 'Sold' to Cooling & Winter.... **TODAY, I felt it necessary to confirm the information and called BofA again. BofAM, in fact, STILL OWNS the Debt. The account has been charged off. Transunion & Equifax are showi
  2. 12/15/20 Canton, Georgia Cooling & Winter = Debt Buyer > Complaint filed OC/BOA as Plaintiff?? In October 2019 my EBAY account was Hacked. The charges to my Bank of America (VISA) account, I reported & disputed. I was denied any help in investigating the matter, on BOA's end, even with the backup support from EBAY. (I was not linked to PayPal. the hacker, changed my shipping address & ordered over $2,000+ worth of merch. After midnight, my email account blew up with account memberships from retailers, all over the Globe... This continued, 2-4 accounts, every 60 sec