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  1. Apparently we have none in my city. Thank you for the help though.
  2. We received a continuing writ of garnishment against salary or wages from our local court house. It came in the mail, it was not served to us and we were never served anything telling us we had a court date so were not able to even defend ourselves to show that this particular debt was several years old or that we didn't owe that much. We live in Florida and the SOL is 5 years. I cannot remember off the top of my head if it has been more than 5 years since our last payment with the original creditor (Rausch is suing for Jefferson Capital, not the original creditor). We cannot afford much of anything since Hurricane Michael hit and I lost my job, then my son was diagnosed with a chronic illness the following year, and now COVID. We are willing to pay on this debt just to get all this crap to stop and get everyone to leave us alone about this stupid car that we willingly relinquished and the company sold again. However, they are not willing to take what we have told them that we can manage a month and, of course, are asking for more than what we think we actually owe on the vehicle after it was sold (the original creditor also tried to get us to pay more than what we should have owed them). What can we do at this point? Also, my husband is an owner operator (contracted truck driver) he does not make regular wages and already has a garnishment on his wages for child support that is through child support enforcement (I read somewhere that could make a difference on garnishments). I need to know what we can do at this point to keep them from going as far as trying to garnish from our bank.
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