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  1. I have promised to share my journey through out. Good bad, or the ugly Today I sent the intent letter to plaintiffs attorney .also sent them a production of document. Also asked them to combine the suit, and also make more definite. My motions (two in one) are ready to go. In Oregon you must file this motion before BEFORE your answer. Otherwise you can lose your right. I can not answer to a complaint that has no account number, default date, or even attachment of contract . my MTD and definite statement is attached. Once the order is accepted, or denied- I then have another 1
  2. What else is weird. My BOA has no card number, or account number. And neither does my suit FYI this is my other one - no account number - no amount noted- it is my understanding if there is zero balance then account has been sold. But it is the OC that is suing me.. So I just am trying to understand what I am truly looking at and who owes my debt. says account was charged off on 2/19/2019 but my last payment was on 3/2019 They are all over the place... also no balances... what I am only sharing this with everyone as its important we understand our own CB and how to read
  3. How can it say its charged off as of 1/2019? when my last payment made was 1/2019?
  4. Last payment made on 1/2019 per the Dunny letter- there are two accounts the other one is last payment made on 5/2019
  5. Let me look at my last payment made I apologize I do not think I understood your question
  6. Yes online they print up like PDF with all actual reporting. Has a order number. IF you can not id yourself then they mail you one. I was able to answer sets up questions and mine was accessible online. and local attorney stated I should go here to get my report. All payments in 2019 all the way through.
  7. Board today I pulled up all 3 of of my CB from going into I noted that all of accounts from Bac accounts(s) are not showing any dollar amount on the boxes HOWEVER please note it states reported balance with the dollar amount they're alleging . I am just trying to understand why all good standing accounts have every month reported but negative account does not where is all the payments made to the alleged accounts? I do not understand why partial reporting of the bad no good. Just asking- thank you guys.. If y
  8. Board see if you like this on OC please note in ORS I can ask up to 30 questions IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF THE STATE OF OREGON FOR WASHINGTON COUNTY x x vs. x, Defendant. ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) )
  9. But I do have a claim against Bank of America for reporting to my credit B without verifying my debt. This notices was sent to both creditor and creditors attorney. I asked BOA from 2018-2020 to send me debt varication letter and at no time have they done so.. Only limited capped amount as we all know.
  10. Both of them did... If you fail to dispute this debt or any portion thereof within 30 days after your receipt of this letter we will assume the debt is valid. If you notify this office in writing within 30 days after your receipt ect....
  11. I received two dunny letters from Suttle on 12/5/21 I sent 2 certified letter back to them called "debt validation and debt verification on 12/23/21- I received confirmation letters were picked up by them on 12/28/21 From 12/28 to 2/14/21 I received NOTHING. Not one call, not one letter- nothing. On 2/15/21- President day (by fluke) was heating my car outside (snow storm here in Oregon at that time) A Sherriff walked up I thought he needed help. and asked me by name and served me. From 2/15/21- till now I have been figuring this out. In Oregon a
  12. Yes I am working on my discovery as well. They can not file summary judgment if we are in discovery. I plan on doing that after I ask for my two motions. once motions part are done I will then answer and jump into discovery. Usually from the pattern once you file an answer they immediately ask for a summary judgment. my complaint says " no dispute in debt amount". However I sent a debt validation letter to their attorney via certified mail to which they did not respond. Not sure how they can state no dispute when in fact I had dispute in 12/21- and was sued on 2/15-
  13. My friend from what the attorneys are saying yes... this was from a attorney here in Oregon. Wanted 1k to send a letter of intent. I could not afford him. from his website. Did you know? Credit card companies thrive on fear and don’t want you to know your own rights. A little information will go a long way in helping empower you to act. Here’s a few things they don’t want you to know. An Oregon attorney can temporarily stop the default clock with just
  14. I have been advised the original Creditors are held to a higher standard and should have more info to attach for example my suit does not have last 4 digit of card number . I have had over 10+ cards with them have paid them all off- how can I truly say I know what card they are talking about? It is no my job to volunteer info to them, it is their job to provide those answers. As well the two cards in questions do not have the same number on my credit Bureau. I can not ID those cards and do not know where those last 4 digits are coming from. I have emailed a friend- and will c
  15. So far this is what I have learned. 1. If you want a motion to amend it must be filed before an answer can be filed. ORCP 21_D Motion must be made before answer can be given otherwise a lawsuit has been engaged Motion to make more definite and certain. Upon motion made by a party before responding to a pleading, or if no responsive pleading is permitted by these rules upon motion by a party within 10 days after service of the pleading, or upon the court’s own initiative at any time, the court may require the pleading to be made definite and certain by amendment when the