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  2. I received this from the JAMS Case Manager basically saying Minimum Standard will be applied in this case. The $250 from me will be required and the $1500 will be required from Portfolio to proceed.
  3. I emailed the case manager yesterday and this was his response. "Good afternoon, Thank you for your email. I have updated the email address in our system. I have also attached a copy of the invoice for the filing fee. Payment is due upon receipt. We cannot proceed forward without payment. Regarding your last question, whether the Respondent agrees to reimburse you for the filing fee is between you and Respondent. Note that this matter meets our consumer minimum standards meaning the only payment that will be required from you is the $250 filing fee." I've also emailed Portfolio's lawyer and he hasn't responded AT ALL. He didn't even respond when I resent him the contract that said I'd have a right to private arbitration. (He already had it but the judge told me to forward it to him again after the hearing that he also never showed up to). I'm going to email the case manager again.
  4. UPDATE: I've received an email from the JAMS Case Manager. He also sent an invoice, the $250 filing fee. After it's paid we will proceed. Question is, do I go ahead and pay? Based on contract, Synchrony originally agrees to pay for fees. Now that Portfolio uses this contract, Do I email Portfolio's Lawyer and ask about this and how I'd be reimbursed if we proceed?
  5. Update: Plaintiff's attorney did not show for the virtual hearing last Friday. Judge granted my MTC this morning. On to the next steps.
  6. Just got off the phone with the non-jury coordinator and she said she'd schedule a hearing for my Motion to Compel. She also told me that Portfolio were the ones that withdrew the MSJ. I'm not sure why the lady at the lawyer's office didn't just tell me that to begin with. I guess we'll see where it goes from here.
  7. I did leave it blank on purpose. Our courts are still closed and I didn't know if there would be hearings. A lot of "rules" are changing since Covid, so in this situation I didn't know what to put, but I will update tomorrow after I call the court and get some light on what's going on.
  8. That, I am unsure of. The lawyer's office lady never told me who canceled it. Even the women at the courts seemed to be "lost" when I asked them what was going on the day of the hearing. I may just call again Monday to get a better understanding of what's really going on. I'm very much in the dark and don't know, AGAIN Here'a glimpse of the court case I blacked out their lawyer's name and whited out my name. The only thing I've ever gotten from the court was instructions on attending the hearing since they are all virtual until further notice, but other than that I haven't received or gotten a call from them directly. This is all very new to me and all I know of this is what I've researched so far as SC Court rules for filing answers, motions and etc. I don't really know what to expect of the court system. I constantly check the public records for changes.
  9. Thanks for all of y'all information. I didn't find out until the morning of 2/1 that the hearing was canceled. I kept trying to connect and attend virtually and after a few tries I called the court, who ended up telling me to call the lawyers office to see if there was a change in the case. Their lawyer's office told me it was canceled because the judge didn't respond to their MSJ. I'm assuming it was just that, neither confirmed or denied. I was just so excited that the paper above mentioned Arbitration. Now, I understand better. Question I have is where do I go from here? Since it says we have 300 days to participate in ADR.
  10. Finally have an update. We were suppose to have a hearing 2/1/2021, tried to attend virtually. Found out later that the Judge didn't respond to their request so the hearing was canceled. Found out today looking on the court records that the judge accepted the MTC. This is now showing in the records. Do I now proceed with filing with JAMS or AAA? All important info is whited out of course.
  11. They also did not attach any agreement. The only things they sent were 2 statements, a paper with the "account information" and a paper in which they say was the signinh of the account being sold to PRA but doesn't mention the account in question at all.
  12. Yes, the Motion to Compel is in the records. In SC its not required to have a hearing. Judge can still rule otherwise. Now looking at other cases I think that is just their general response, in hopes of their motion being granted or individual not showing up to court. Which I fully intend to.
  13. Also, reading the bottom of the document, I believe he's saying that my Affidavit alongside my Answer and MTC wasn't notarized but it was. The court has the original paperwork. The notary stamp was white but you couldn't see it on the documents scanned into their system. I didn't know at the time that I could color over the stamp before I sent the documents to them. I'm assuming that doesn't matter now. I did finish the Opposition and mailed it off today, so fingers crossed!
  14. This is what I have so far..... Am I on the right track?
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