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  1. Hello everyone ! The process was fast and the agreed to $x monthly. It was incredibly fast , no extra questions , they send you a letter as proof of the payment arrangement and if you pay it off within the time frame agreed upon then no fees or interests are added.
  2. Ok I’m going to call them please wish me luck!! I will update you guys thank you admin and everyone else that have been encouraging !
  3. Hey! did you call them to agree on that AFTER you were sued or before ?
  4. I really don’t .. I have the bare minimum maybe extra $30 at the most for my mo they expenses which includes paying child care and food. Also, would they garnish my insignificant 401k ??
  5. Thank you ! I hope after I send them the DV letter I can novitiate something within my budget because I want to pay it off is just so hard right now thank you once again!
  6. Thank you! Gosh just thinking about it makes me sick but it what it is! I hear they are the worst to negotiate with .
  7. Yes it did . But now I’m confused .. can issue a debt DV to them ?
  8. Thank you so much! I spoke to an attorney about the situation and omg they made me feel worst .. they were like “is not if they will sue, they definitely will do it that’s why you need to hire someone to represent you.” I was just shocked .
  9. See I’m just afraid to foolishly try to arrange soemthjng with them and for that to backfire on me since they are the bottom of the barrel sleazy.
  10. How do we make ourselves judgement proof? I don’t own any property, cars or anything of value . I do receive my paycheck but I literally need it for my living expenses nothing more!
  11. No not yet . Should I send it via certified mail? ... I’m just nervous because they seem shady. I’m willing to go to court and settle with them. But it seems they purposely send court notices and judgments behind your back.
  12. Bank of America still owns it . And H&H just represents them
  13. Hey guys! California : I received a letter from the law firm of Hunts and Henriques in regards to a debt of $4k this is the initial letter they send but I have a strong feeling they will eventually file court documents . I’m super stressed out and depressed right now because I can only think of the worst outcome . I’m ready to show up to court and hopefully negotiate payments plans before my wages are garnished. What’s my best option here? Wait for the summons or call them to settle? Hire a lawyer to negotiate for me ? I have a dispute letter ready to do tomorrow via certified mail.
  14. Hey ! Did they properly served you? Also is there a court date? Have you tried contacting them? ... I’m in the same boat but I only received the initial letter stating I have a debt etc .. and I’m planning to wait to get the summons and meet them in court to negotiate (I also hear they are horrible trying to settle or make payment plans.) please let us know any updates.
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