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  1. Actually $4K leftover from a voluntary repo. I have since hired a Lawyer who is well acquainted with those Crown thugs. They have taken my case and are handling it from here on. Thanks
  2. +/- $6K. No I cannot settle. I am speaking to a Texas Law Firm who has won many cases against these Crown Asset thugs. They want $1250 to fight this for me.
  3. Hello everyone. Today (12/30/20) I received a "Hearing Notice" from my local JP#1 Court (Longview, Texas) set for 2/10/21. This originates from approximately 1-1/2 to 2 year old voluntary vehicle repossession. I had no choice but to let it go back as to other more important medical related issues of my Daughter. I had to make a choice, keep the truck or pay for my Daughters ongoing medical needs so I returned the truck to the dealer. I have already replied to the initial "Complaint" explaining everything to the Court and the Plaintiff. The vehicle was with Chrysler Financial. So now, these lo